What items should be added to the Ticat store for next year?

There's a lot of choice, to be sure. There are probably a lot more types of hats than there need to be in fact.

Still, what should they add?

I'd put Ticat shorts number one.

Maybe socks. Or not.

I think the team should produce more books like the Danny McManus one from this year about other greats from Ticat history.

The football shaped beer glass. Mine broke and I can't find them anymore. :frowning:

Winter jackets.

Sun Tan Oil
How Many People get Burned North Stands in The Summer.

For years I have asked the Ticat store
sales staff to tell whoever is in charge

to offer Tiger Cat Scarves for sale.

My suggestions were passed up the line
every year but nothing ever happened.


To whoever is in charge of purchasing:

A scarf is a long, broad strip of wool
worn around the neck for protection
against the winds and cold of winter.

It can be worn with other clothing
that you offer for sale every winter

such as woolen toques and winter coats
which protect our heads and bodies.

Maybe that will help. :twisted: :smiley:

Bucket Hats!

The selection of items at the store is adequate.

The organisation needs to have more items, and the right items, available at the stadium.

If the weather forecast is calling for rain, they need to have more poncho's available.

And, if there is an evening game scheduled in late October, early November, then there is no excuse for not having winter coats and touques available. How many times has that happened?

At times paper bags would have been appropriate ROTFL. Hopefully those days are all in the past. Seriously the selection is decent but maybe they should take an idea from the new merchandise people of the Bulldogs. They found good quality unknown brand clothing that cut the costs significantly and are selling a lot more. The key was that it was equal quality at up to a 30% reduction in cost.

Those Tailgate BBQ's with the team logo on it
like the ones you get from the NFL

[url=http://www.nflshop.com/largeImage/index.jsp?LargeImageURL=http%3A//nfl.imageg.net/graphics/product_images/p3271060dt.jpg]http://www.nflshop.com/largeImage/index ... 1060dt.jpg[/url]

like that

sun tan oil for sure,but everyone in the stadium has needed it,not only north side fans. for the amount of money and time fans have put in and now the ticket price increase to see a team that has been so bad,you've been getting burned for sure.

city legend

Collectible player cards would be welcome. I think there few better ways to get young kids interested in the individual players (apart from the game itself). The McManus set this year was good, but there hasn't been a team set since 1999. Maybe the team could work with Jogo or Extreme to produce something sold in Hamilton?

sun tan oil
This kills me. I would hope that all of us have enough common sense to look at the forcast before the game (or see that it is sunny outside) and realize that it may be hot out and I should bring some sun block, or put some on before I leave. I may be strecthing it though.

Common sense. If we had that we would have stayed home the past 2 seasons

Portable jell seat cushions are fantastic and I know they would sell, if people got to know about them

T.C. stuffed toys! I bought one for my 2 year old son in 89. He loved it and grew up to be an avid fan. Bring back the T.C. stuffies!

funny I always forget that crap!What about rain coats or umbrelas. All three would sell like hotcakes!Maybe a real good seat cushion that doesnt cost a days pay!

The question as I read it is "What items at the Ticat Store for NEXT YEAR"? :wink:

How about framed pictures of the Hamilton Ticats 2008 GC winning team? :thup: :thup:

I'd really like to see that! :rockin:

player action figures from Mcfarlane!


something like that. I'd love to see Lumsden, Printers, Armstead, Hage and Dyakowski

I like the sunscreen at the stadium idea..lol. Even though I know I need it, I always manage to forget it.

As for the store. I like the scarves and shorts idea and I LOVE the player trading card idea and the TC Dolls. I've been fighting my sister for her TC doll for years now..lol..

There are some who would say we all got "burned" by the football team we paid to watch.

On a more serious note, how about men's and women's PJs ? and Ticat shorts for women in white, Ticat crest on right thigh or left hip. Shorts for men in black.
Martini glasses ?
Brandy snifters?
Bring back the Ticat wine?
Mailbox signs - I've got one from about 10-15 yrs ago displaying I am a Ticats supporter.
Sweaters, etc. for dogs XL please.
Must be thousands of items we all use daily, that could fit the bill.