What it was like when Grey Cup was on CBC

[url=http://www.cbc.ca/sports/football/super-bowl-tv-ratings-down-1.569333]http://www.cbc.ca/sports/football/super ... n-1.569333[/url]

This was year after year like this, I can't find all the other stories that I read in the newspapers those years but it was like this all the way until they put the Super Bowl on CTV.

Put the Grey Cup on CTV and you will see the Grey Cup kill the Super Bowl ratings like they did here not too too long ago in 2005.

2005 Super Bowl Ratings 3.1 million

2005 CBC ratings 4.04 million without any RDS figures to add to that.

The accessibility of CTV by an extra 4 million viewers over TSN (13 million for CTV 9 million for TSN as of 2005). {total number of cable and satellite viewers in Canada are around 10 million in 2005.}

Those numbers obviously would have grown over some time, altho they may have not given the upcoming economic downturn that was about to hit Canadians after 2008. I would wager they are probably about the same right now.

It really should be noted that when the roles were reversed Grey Cup won every single year. The comparison of Grey Cup ratings and Super Bowl ratings can no longer be accurate due to the comparison of viewership being unable to be properly calculated. Grey Cup will always be more popular.

Actually when I was a kid the Grey Cup was simulcast on BOTH the CBC and CTV. From the mid-sixties to the mid-eighties the game was on both networks. One half would have CTV announcers Johnny Esaw or Pat Marsden doing the play by play and the other half by CBC play by play announcers Don Chevrier or Don Whitman.

Some interesting facts about the Grey Cup on TV

[url=http://www.broadcasting-history.ca/index3.html?url=http%3A//www.broadcasting-history.ca/sportsonradioandtv/CFL_The_TV_Years.html]http://www.broadcasting-history.ca/inde ... Years.html[/url]

Good piece mikem.

What about the days when CBC didn't carry CFL games in the summer opting for the Blue Jays. :thdn: We as CFL fans are very fortunate that TSN came along IMHO. Not saying CBC shouldn't carry CFL games again if it turns out to be a good deal, not at all, but I wasn't impressed back then when they opted for the Blue Jays as I say.

2001 Grey Cup on CBC (and RDS). 2.7 million.

[url=http://www.cbc.radio-canada.ca/_files/cbcrc/documents/financial-reports/2001-2002-ar.pdf]http://www.cbc.radio-canada.ca/_files/c ... 002-ar.pdf[/url]

Or the time when these wonderful CBC employees went on strike and they broadcasted the games with no sound or replays. I know its still a little better than Rod Black but still.

CTV ís a much m?re established chanel then Global. Global actually made the NFL look bush league (tháts hard to do) with their ridiculous blimp ads, and stupid 30 second ads that showed nothing but a Global NFL screen with ridiculous music.
You can blame the CFL móst though ,for not releasing a video game... The CFL's fans are litterally dieing. People who are 20 dont care about the CFL... Even in Saskatchewan young people watch the NFL.

Well if attracting a younger demographic has been a problem for the CFL - some of the fun aspects of the new stadiums should help - with party patios and wi-fi access. If they need an example of how to successfully attract a younger crowd all they have to do is look at what Rogers has done over the last three or four years with the Jays.

The median age at a Jays game as dropped by at least 10 years in the last three or four seasons at Rogers Centre. Last season's centre field party patio a huge success and their use of social media especially by their players a great success in making the Jays cool with the younger crowds in Toronto. Even the TV broadcasts are skewed younger with more current music breaking for commercials, lots of social media contests etc.

Blue Jays games are cheap to attend, something to do. But then so are Argo games fairly cheap and not many people go. Anyways, I'm old, late 50's and watch the NFL as well Mr. Bungle and lots of older people watch the Blue Jays, tons. And people who are 20 care as much about the Blue Jays and MLB as the CFL regardless of who attends games or watches. It's simply the "in" thing to do MLB and Jays, doesn't mean they care at all. Could be a video game, might not be, could be the party area at RC, might not be. Fact is I find baseball slow and boring and don't care to watch it so I'm sure young people must find it really slow if an old geezer like me thinks it's slow and with so many games. Something else going on, it's just the "in" thing, really has nothing to do with the sport at all IMHO why people "hang out" about the Blue Jays. It's the "majors" so it must be fun even if the game is dullsville, right? Right. Whatever. :roll:

CFL football is such a better game to watch than boring baseball, guys flying around getting hit, smacked. But it's not the "majors" so musn't be "cool". I guess that's the way the young people work. Whatever turns them on. Tiddlywinks "major" would probably do it as well. As long as you see the "major" players on the American TV screens and media, has to be "cool". Yup. I'm glad I'm not young any more to be honest. :wink:

Here's one of the young fans of the Jays 8)


And some "old" fans of the Riders:


Chris Walby has the best cfl commentator voice, hes like the bob cole of the cfl!

I'd say Don Chevrier had the best CFL announcer's voice. He did CFL games on CTV then went on to broadcast Blue Jays and MLB games, I believe.

Earl - here is a story on the now 'young, hip and cool' Jays' crowds.

[url=http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/baseball/a-new-generation-of-baseball-fans-in-toronto-are-young-hip-and-cool/article13329854/]http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/b ... e13329854/[/url]

So the Argos who certainly have NOT been even remotely hip and cool in Toronto recently - no matter who owns them - they should look at what Rogers has done making the Jays popular and 'cool' again among young fans in Toronto - and female fans too - against the grain of what is going on league wide in the MLB. This from the Jays article.

[i]"The 18-to-34 age group comprised 50 per cent of Blue Jays attendance in 2012, compared with 37 per cent in 2010, according to in-stadium survey results conducted by Ipsos-Reid and provided by the club. By comparison, a poll of more than 200,000 people conducted last summer by Scarborough, a market research company in New York, found that only 18.3 per cent of Generation Ys [defined as 18 to 29] in the United States indicated “any? interest in baseball.

The percentage of women within the Gen-Y group at Rogers Centre jumped to an astounding 50 per cent from 30 per cent over a two-year span."" [/i] (Apologies as I know we are now off topic on this thread)

The Globe and Rag hates the Argos for whatever reason of course I never buy that rag anyways. And the "youngsters" hippy types can have the outdated doughnut thingy all to themselves with boring baseball where guys stand around most of the tiime, they won't see me there. It's all theirs, totally. Go for it Globers and youngsters!! :thup: :stuck_out_tongue: You guys and gals are so "cool". :lol: :lol: :lol:

Its so funny and friggin hilarious watching young people at Jays games, mostly Torontonians try to be NFL fans or Yankees fans and be "cool". There isn't a bigger disconnect I've seen in the sporting world, anywhere. :stuck_out_tongue: :twisted: The Riders fans who are equally if not better, are the true thing, they are having fun at the "not cool to Torontonians" CFL games. No disconnect there at all.

Toronto is so jealous of CFL fans that "get it" and wait until little Regina has a football stadium Toronto could only dream of. Hilarious! :stuck_out_tongue:

At least I never have to buy the Globe, it's an old-fart newspaper like me though so I should want to buy it. But won't spend a penny on it, ever, well I guess we don't have pennies do we any more. Globe is an irrelevant rag anyways. They write those kinds of articles to try and get people buying the thing. I must say "thank you Globe" for really making me avoid your newspaper once and for all but to be honest, I can't even remember the last time I picked up a copy at the newstand, or if I ever did! :stuck_out_tongue:

I forgot, how many MLB teams in Canada? One, go for doughnut delighters because that's all you got for MLB in Canada, one friggin hilarious team of disconnector fans. :lol:

i think this thread should get back on topic...

Exactly, CFL on CBC beats any soccer thing I can think of. :wink:

CBC did a great job with the Grey Cup it was the one game they put alot of effort into, for the rest of the season it was so bad. I still remember great plays announced with monotone voices, it ruined great football tv moments. The day the CFL left the CBC and went strictly to TSN I admit I was happy. Its because of TSN the CFL was brought back from almost death.

I hope part of the new TV deal includes a simulcast of the CFL playoffs and the Grey Cup on CTV or other Bell stations besides RDS. That would really be a winner in this day.

But CBC said "screw you CFL" for the summer way back, a one team pony over an 8-9 team Canadian pro league with more history than the Blue Jays can dream of in their wildest dreams. :thdn: I never forget. They are going to have to pay to get back in my good books. They won't pay and really can't pay, Rogers bought them out for the NHL, CBC is a lame duck sports network.

Not going to happen, the new deal is exclusive with TSN. Bell actually makes a lot more money by doing it this way.

As much as I'd love to see CFL games on OTA networks, there's only a couple of ways to do this, 1. Only afternoon games or 2. Primetime Saturday night (might be harder once HNIC starts up). The Playoffs and/or Grey CUP on OTA only makes sense on CBC, due being the network that has majority Canadian first run programs.