What is your victory song of choice if we win??

I was listening to “Eye Of The Tiger” just now and thought this would be a very fitting song to hear should our boys hoist the Grey Cup.

What is your victory song of choice??

While I am a bit nervous for this game, I have a very good feeling about who will win.


“I’m A Believer”?

Back in black

It doesn’t get more “Hamilton” than this, unless perhaps something from Teenage Head?

Kelly Jay had been a DJ at CKOC (I believe) and the band lived at Bad Manors in Ancaster.

How about this gem

Hammer to fall baby!!! 8)

Good choice, to be followed of course, by “We Are The Champions?. What good’s a squeeze, unless you lay on the cheese? :smiley:

Can’t go wrong with a Queen anthem. “ We are the Champions?, an all time classic.?

It’s Hammertime! “U Can’t Touch This? (Cup)… maybe not.

Almost TiCat colours… He jukes like Speedy!

Here’s a little music for Hammer and the gals to dance to ;D
Just click the video and watch them go . 8)It’s amazing how they both sync up. 8)

Very nice and thanks. I am/was a fan of EL&P, but I’ve never heard that song before. A while back, I had suggested using their “Fanfare for the Common Man” as the song for the Cats when they enter on to the field prior to kickoff. I just noticed that Keith Emerson passed away in 2016 by suicide. And Greg Lake died the same year. How sad.

The boys are back. Oak Ridge Boys

Ask and you shall receive . Filmed at Montreal’s Olympic Stadium during their soundcheck before a show in 1977 .

Enjoy !!! 8)

Thanks again! Powerful performance from an amazing trio. Wish I had been there.