What is your pregame perparation?

Tonight is game night.

What are your pregame preparations?

getting the pain and anxiety meds ready for after the game!


Get the DVR cued up so I can actually see the game from opening kick-off! Then get the chair ready, the big slab of beef on the plate, protein shake in hand (...yeah, health-nut here), and get on the ol' emotional rollercoaster of Ticat Football!

Beetlejuice your pictures crack me up…my fav was the last one though.

Backyard tailgate for 9 guys at 5 pm.

Hamburgers, Bratwursts, chips, popcorn, pop, beer, brandy and rye.

No girls allowed.

beets on his way!!!

I said NO girls!

Got any extra??




Usually it's one Schooner for every point we're down. Generally gets pretty messy around here.

I cant help it if I have a harum capn.

sorry capn I am going to wasafans house, it looks like an interesting contraption for drinking beer out of :wink:


Prayer sounds about right.

Just need to find the right mix of gods and goddesses. Nothing seems to be working.

Alexander Keith's

I think it's Don King's 2nd grade class photo.

An Argo-Cat fan

I"ve got some moosemeat sausages, oktoberfest style.


A harem you say?

Well in that case...


Looks like this thread came to an end. :slight_smile: