What is your most prized Tiger Cat Possesion?

I thought this would be a good topic to hear what other people have that are meaningful to them.

My most prized possesion is probably one that I got last year. I won’t a jersey in the auction for the United Way. Not only was it the jersey that I won, but the experience of going down on the field, seeing a fight on the way to the Tiger Cat locker room, meeting the player in person (Roger Dunbrack), having my picture taken and knowing that I was supporting a good cause.

I have many other possesions, game used jerseys, practice jerseys, old school hats but I would say that this is my most prized and cherised piece of memorabilia!

I'd have to say it My Hudson Name plate from his locker for 2006

My framed ticket stub from 1972 Grey Cup.

My bulb from the old lite brite scoreboard

D-mac's playbook wristband, Carl Coulter's sweat rag

My team autographed football my aunt and uncle gave me from 2005. I put it in a display case. Also an autographed picture of Jesse from the breakfast of champions Nov. 24 2005, framed.

Well, being more of a visual learner, the CFL Traditions DVD for the Cats, I suppose anyways.

my 2006 game worn signed yellow jykine bradley jersey.

A J.G.Gaudar J5V football signed by Matt Dunngan # 16 - Shawn King - game jersey # 12

  • Old school jersey # 55 black and gold & white - striped sleaves. 1999 grey cup replica game helmut.

hmmmmmmmm, Ben Zambiasi autographed picture or Casey Printers autographed jersey. idk. but i did play at ivor wynne last year and the year before with my bantam football team.

1989 GC ticket stub (damn green team...)

A bottle of Bud left at my place by Mike Kerrigan when we won the cup in 1986.

WOW, the framed ticket stub, is the best by far from 1972 Grey Cup....That's really awesome.

My most prized possesion would have to be my own Ti-cat jersey with my name and number on it.

My mom's most prized possesion is Earl Winfield's workout(Practice) shorts and T-shirt, she loves him lol. When he played we knew him very well because my parents best friend is Les Browns' sister and Les and Earl are good buddies. So we used to get free tickets and get to hang out after games with the players it was really cool to be my age then and talking to GODs in my eyes back then.

The sliver in my ass from IWS.

Actually, I have a J5V football autographed by Danny McManus. (We worked out at a couple of gyms together.)

The autographs I got coming back from the Montreal trip with the 'Cats in 99 (we got spanked 52-19).

It was also great because my wife and I had Danny Mac, Darren Flutie, Carl Coulter, Andrew Grigg, etc to talk to on the way back.... :thup: :thup:

1961 Garney Henley and a Bernie Faloney football cards, both in very good condition.

My autographed Greover Covington jersey.

An autographed barf-bag from last year. Got it on a Westjet flight from Edmonton to Hamilton. No Mass or Holmes, but pretty much the rest of the team.

Pretty well summed up the season, eh?