What Is Your Grey Cup Meal/Snacks


I'm making homemade Pub style nachos and chicken wings....

Washing it down with Alexander Keiths Pale Ale

The very same dish(s) I made for the Eastern Final

It was good last week...this week with a Cat win, it will be SPECTACULAR!!!!!

Tur-duck-in. For drink, 40 creek on the rocks.

Making chili for dinner tomorrow - probably going to have a bowl (or two) on the couch while watching the game. Beer in the chili and on the side..

I'll be enjoying some spicy chicken wings, Nachos, chips, and of course accompanied by cold beer. The better the Cats play the better the beer will go down :smiley:

Apple cider pulled pork
Cole slaw
Potato Salad
55", 120Hz, 1080p LED TV
1200W 7.2 Pioneer home theater (Post Audio DM16 fronts, Bose 201 v5 rears, Sinclair Audio Sculpture C1 centre, JBL Northbridge front-highs, 200W sub-woofer)
I have a few Ticat fans and 1 Riders fan. Could be interesting...

chili wings and ribs washed down with a few cold ones and a side order of vodka soaked watermelon

The game will start at 9:30am for me so we are having bacon and eggs for breakfast on the BBQ haha :thup:

NO MATTER WHAT TIME IT IS REMEBER EVEN IN AUSTRALIA its 5 oclock somewhere n dont forget to eat ur watermelons mail the shell to regina as a bucket for the green teams tears

Jealous, Yummy!!!

Im at work so pretzles and milk for me! :thup: no booze :thdn:


Milk and pretzels? :smiley: Please tell me you don't dip!!!

My party features:

  • chili
  • sour cream hash brown casserole
  • BBQ wings
  • salsa to die for
  • burgers
  • sausage
  • enough chips to choke every horse on Sable Island

Well, it's 9am. Time to get 'er goin'!


ur right honey gotta split and tip 20 lbs of wings prep 6 racks of ribs and turn the chilli on low and slow
HERE WE GO TICATS HERE WE :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: GO

Hey TCBilly,


You'll jinx us!!!!

right well eat that after we win

Whew! Thank-you! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

That is sooo flippin cool man, Wish I was @ a GC party today! :cry:

Haha don't worry they'll be drinking...it's happy hour somewhere. I have tried to source some Canadian beer but had no luck :frowning:
Wings for lunch though :thup:

Whatever it is,


Some real tasty stuff here...

Enjoy everyone....


5.75 hours to go!!!!!!

T-bone steak for dinner. Veggies and nachos for snacking. Block 3 for beer (local brewer in St. Jacobs).

Grey Cup turkey dinner today, Brown Pops, Grey Goose shots!!