What is your GAME of week 5?

The Lions/Stamps game will be an up-beat game; although the Hamilton/Sask. game will be a dandy.
Flicker, flicker…Pow…Pow - Roughriders lay the cannon; Shotgun == Riders :rockin:

I predicted in Big Dave’s pool that this would be a tough week with lots of close games. (I’d be happy with a 2-2 record after this week). I think Hamilton VS Saskatchewan will be the game of the week.

We have had 2 very close games , so far. That trend should hopefully continue with tonight's CFL double header on , TSN :thup:

Just show the 4th quarter- Hamilton at Sask, no need to see the other 3 Quarters

spoken by a true CFL fan :lol: :lol: :lol:

Are the amazing T.V. ratings for the CFL in Southern Ontario and the rest of Canada starting to get to you? :wink:
The NFL in Canada should be so fortunate. Hey , you can see the [last?] Bills in Toronto game for FREE.
Obviously there is still HUGE interest in CFL football in the Southern Ontario market. All they have to do is translate those numbers into bums in the seats. :wink:

Nailed it!


Why would you try to start an NFL/Bills discussion in a thread about the best CFL game of the week? This is a forum about the CFL - - not a place to obsess about the NFL or the Bills.

It's like telling everyone that you're totally over your ex, and then spending the rest of the night talking about him.

:lol: I started this thread. What the hell is your problem. Learn some people skills please. :roll:

My wife would have something to say about that a..h... :thdn: