What is your GAME of week 5?

There have been many great games , so far , in the CFL and a lot of surprises. It is hard to tell who is going to win week by week [at least for me] :lol:

I would say that week 5 has a lot of drama.

As an ARGO fan I would say that the ARGOS @ MONTREAL , is the game of the week. It is just one of the battles for first place in the East.

Can Winnipeg win it's first game at home?

Home about , Hamilton @ SASK.? Can Hamilton get revenge Vs. SASK in their house?

What is your game of the week [5] :rockin:

As an Argo fan the TO/Montreal game.
As a CFL fan, BC/Calgary I think has the potential to be the best most entertaining game.
I'm interested in the Hamilton/Sask game though because I think the Rider faithful are in for a rude awakening this weekend.

You've been saying that for a few weeks now. I think that you think that us Rider fans have already planned the Grey Cup parade when in actuality most Rider fans know that we have a young team with a young coach that is bound to have some down games along with the ups. The only thing that would surprise me would be a complete blow out by Hamilton, but I highly doubt that will happen. I expect a well fought football game and whoever is the victor will deserve it. (don't they always? :lol: )

Tonight's game is the one I'll be more invested in, obviously. I'm sure the BC/Calgary game will also be entertaining.

As an Eskimo fan, tonights game is of course my favourite. I am though interested in seeing how the Stamps fans greet Mitchell on Saturday. What is the opposite of a standing ovation? :cowboy:

I think Hamilton has turned out to be a very exciting team, so I can’t wait to see them in action again.

I hope tonight’s Esks/Bomber game is a good one; I really hope the Bombers can muster some effective offence vs. that stingy Esk defence.

It will be interesting to see how Toronto does in Montreal, we should get a real feel for how good or bad the Argos are this year.

Except for a week one blowout of Montreal, Calgary has been in nothing but close games that have gone down to the last minute or overtime, so B.C./Calgary should be the game of the week.

If Hamilton can perform like they have, the Hamilton/Saskatchewan could be a good one, but I can't remember the last time Hamilton has won in Regina, so it's more likely will be a Saskatchewan blowout.

For the record, the last win in Regina that I do remember involved a rookie Paul Osbaldiston kicking a 56 yard field goal for the win on the last play of the game. I'm sure we've won since then, I just don't remember when...

If the rest of this week ends CFL games are as good as the EDMONTON @ WINNIPEG game was , we are all in for another football treat. :rockin:

It is too bad that the ARGOS @ MONTREAL game is going head to head against CTV's repeat coverage of the opening ceremonies of the LONDON Games at 7:30 PM EST. :frowning:

TSN , has them live at 4:00 PM EST and right after is , Friday Night Football , at 7:30 PM EST. :thup:


yup…I have not seen too much chirping by many Rider fans about the club being all that…even when at 3-0 most of what I heard was a pleasant surprise. Some people just hear what they want to I guess.

I think the game the appeals to me the most is the BC / Calgary one. You have to think that BC will be playing with a fire in their bellies after 2 losses, and the Stamps will be out to prove that the amazing come back was no fluke. The Lions are still generally viewed as ‘the’ team by many with the most potential, but the Stamps have the best offensive stats (big fan of Dave here).

That being said the Rider / Hamilton game will be the second of the week I am attending (Bombers / Esks being the first), and I am somewhat eager to see that game. Hamilton was embarrassed at home in the season opener, and will be looking to light this one up. There is also some really mixed emotions on Andy Fatuz…he was loved and embraced by the team in green and its fans, and while I think most understand and respect his decision, it is the first time stepping on Taylor Field not in green. I expect some HUGE cheers when he walks onto the field, but some serious boos when he touches the ball. The Cats really clicked last week, and the Riders fell apart…a test for both.

Maybe Rider fans won't be surprised. I'm basing my opinion mostly on how last weeks game ended. It wasn't so much they blew a 17 point lead, but the way it happeneded. The Riders were by far the better team for 55 minutes then for some reason everything went south. And the look on the Rider faces was like a deer in the headlights.

Yes, I have been critical of the early Rider success this season, but my comment weren't meant as a dig. What I saw in the last 5 minutes and overtime looked a lot worse than just a team blowing a lead. Calgary choked one up to Montreal on, essentially, one ball that should never have been thrown. Saskatchewan made several mistakes to let Calgary win a game they had no business winning.

Edm at Win must be at the Bottom of the list. Even though it was a close game it wasn't very entertaining seems like no team wanted to win it.

The stamps where firing on all cylinders late, the Riders on one cylinder.
Emptying the backfield
Short yardage team with 3 yards to go
dropped passes
dropping entirely into prevent D

Thus far this coaching staff seems to have learned from their mistakes this season...we shall see if that continues.

comedy of errors much of the game.

gots to be Hamilton/Sask, anything else... wouldn't make sense

Nothing comes close to Ray vs Calvillo

argos vs als followed closely by hamilton vs saskatchewan

I think what matters was that it was very entertaining at the end. A large Winnipeg crowd went home happy.
I agree that there were too many flags.

For the most part , the 100th Anniversary CFL season has been a banner season , so far , with many close games. :thup:

The game could have been a lot worse than it was.

It is nice to see that you are such a great CFL fan watching so many CFL games :wink: :lol:

Milanovich vs Trestman/Calvillo too.

It should be another great game.