What is your favourite game of the season?

I go every year and the bars in Regina are filled with Winnipegers. The socials are filled with Winnipegers. The stadium is filled with Winnipegers.
Why, because its a great time, and the BOMBERS ARE PLAYING in regina in the best league in the world.
10 000 is a realistic number.

Sorry BB 1 out of 3 fans walking into mosaic stadium is not a Bomber fan, maybe 1 out of 6 which puts the number around 5000.

You should have been at McMahon stadium last west semi-final to see what 1 out of 3 of the visiting fans walking into the stadium looked like. Wow what a time that was.


You cannot say that 12000 rider fans drive to Calgary for the Sask vs. Calgary games. There are approximately 250,000 ex-Saskatchewan citizens living in Calgary today, which I guess makes Calgary Saskatchewan's largest city. I believe that a fair number do make the 6.5 hr drive, but a majority of the rider fans at the games in Calgary live in Calgary. Myself being one of those fans.

Dyslexic I am not denying 12 000 Sask fans attend a Calgary game. I am agreeing with 12000. My point was that if 12 000 Sask fans attend a Calgary game in a 7 hourish drive, then 10 000 fans from Manitoba can easilly make a 5 hour or less drive to Regina to watch them play the Bombers.
Why is that so hard to beleave?

Lets go through this again.

-Every Hotel room in Regina is booked.
(If 5000 fans from Manitoba attended this game then it would not be a problem as most of us drive there and back in one day. True other fans from Sask could be attending this game, but they are the same fans that attend everygame so it should not really change the impact)

-The #1 highway is jam packed with cars bumber to bumber on the way home.
(being someone who makes this trip out to regina every year, I know that 5000 fans driving hold would not be enough to effect the highways to that level of impact. And keep in mind that almost everyone is car pooling)

-The bars and socials are filled with thousands of Manitobans.
Thats right. I attend these parties and it is amazing how many Manitobans are in town.
And everyone goes out of their way to let you know who they are cheering for. And keep in mind that this is the night before the game and the night before the day travelers hit the road.

-The restaurants are filled before the game.
(Most people from Regina eat at home befor a game. Manitobans have to go out to eat before a game. The restaurants are filled before the game. That is where the game day festivities begin.)

And Finally, the heated yet fun fan arguments between Bomber and Rider fans as they walk away from the stadium after a game.
(it is never a 4 on 1 or a 3 on 1 arguement.
The Bomber fans have always matched the Rider fans person for person in heckling or debates in the stands or walking out of the stadium.
After several beers this conversations could not be a good thing. LOL
I have had car loads of Rider fans drive by us shouting obscenities "GO HOME YOU &%#@*ING BOMBER $#@HOLES!!!""

Oh how fun it is.