What is your favourite game of the season?

My favourite game of the Season is the labour day game in Regina with the Riders taking on the Blue Bombers.
We make a day of it or better yet a weekend of it.
The parties are great, the city is alive, and 10 000 fans from Winnipeg wearing blue all over the city that wears green it brings out for a great fun rivaly throughout the weekend.

Are you sure it isnt 10 fans from Winnipeg? You don't want to upset the Red brothers. You know how they are concerning the population of the visting teams fans.LOL

The Calgary vs Edmonton return match, in Edmonton the week following the one and only true Labour Day Classic at McMahon.

Toronto @ Hamilton Labour Day Classic

Labour Day Game in Calgary.

Labour Day for sure. I also love when the Stamps open their season @ home on Canada day weekend

We (BC) don't have a Labour Day rival so we really miss out.
Riders games are always the most popular. Fortunately the last 3 west finals were here and they were the best atmosphere but you can't guarantee that every season!

I can guarentee you that 10 000 Blue Bomber fans attend the Labour Day Game in Regina.
Ever try to get a hotel room in Regina the Night befor the game,you can't, unless you reserve it in advance. Plus the highways are full of Manitoba licence plates driving back to Winnipeg.
Heck half of Taylor Field is Blue.
And the Heckling and cheap shots at one another are great.

There is no way 10,000 Bomber fans show up for the labour day game. For comparison sakes, the Riders had about 12,000 fans at the West Semi-final last year in Calgary and no way does Taylor Field look as blue on labour day as Mcmahon stadium looked green that day.

my favorite game is the last game my team won.

That's not fair, I can't remember the last one my team won.

Edmonton/Calgary Labour day game is the one I never miss! I know the others are great traditions but I've always favored this one.

Roughy, ALL the hotels in Regina are sold out on Labour Day. Look into how many hotel rooms there are in Regina. Then count them up and tell us the exact number you get. Once that is done, estimate how much fans from Manitoba come to Regina just for the day and then head back the same day.
Add the two together and you get about 10 000 legit Bomber fans.
True, maybe not half of Taylor feild is blue because 10 000 is only one third of the stadiums capacity.
Remember Regina is only 5 hours away from Winnipeg.
I guarentee you that 10 000 Bomber fans attend the Labour day game at Taylor feild.
The bars and socials in Regina are filled with Winnipegers. I attend every year ( I missed one) and I attend all the parties.

Hey baron o beer, did ou ever think that maybe those hotel rooms are filled with Had core Rider fans who have travelled in from Meadow Lake, La ronge, PA, Flin Flon, Hudson Bay, Southend, North Battleford, Llyodminster, Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, and the whole world who is a diehard rider fan and can only really get to one game a year, but they pick the one which is the most fun, has the most to do with it, and one where its a whole weekend rthing, a "vacation" of sorts.

My point is that all hotel rooms are not filled with bomber fans, in fact I would guess that maybe half are.

I would say that there might be 5,000 Bomber fans the the LDC and that is a generous number, BeerBarons. A lot of Rider fans who live outside Regina and choose one game they wil buy tickets for, the LD Classic is the one they pick. There are many Bomber fans there, but 10 000? Dream on, baron.

I stand with my facts.
I am saying 10 000 bomber fans from Manitoba.
True fans from outside regina could help fill those hotels but lets also not forget fans from Manitoba are also coming to see the game.
Brandon, Portage, Dauphin,Swan River and yes mostly from Winnipeg.
Lets look at Winnipegs history for traveling out of town to see their favourite games.
For World Jr Hockey it was Manitobans (Mostly Winnipegers) that filled the Arena in Grand Forks.
I will also add that over 10 000 people from Winnipeg went to Grand Forks to watch team Canada play. The Alerus Center holds 21 000.
Trust me when I say 10 000 bomber fans come to Regina on Labour day.
Keep in mind that there are also alot of Rider fans living in Winnipeg as well. Tons of people who grew up in Saskatchewan live in Winnipeg.
5 hours is not a hard drive at all.
Tell you what. Next Labour day game go bar hopping the night befor. In addition, watch how many cars leave Regina on Highway #1 to Winnipeg. It is packed with Screaming Bomber fans honking at each other.
I stand by what I say.
10 000 is my number and I am sticking to it.
Hey you guys should be happy about that.

LOL hold on a second.
You guys are telling me that 12 000 Rider fans will Drive 8 hours to Calgary to watch a game but 10 000 Bomber fans wont drive 5 hours to Regina on a long weekend?
The Labour day game is the best thing next to the Grey Cup.
Hey lets not forget when the Grey Cup was in Saskatchewan and the temporary seating was the only seats left. How many bomber fans showed up that year? Over 10 000 at least.
In fact, that was your record attendance for Labour day games that year.

Exaggerate all you want to, but 10 000 is a ridiculous number to throw out there. Your post and thread would have had much more credibility if you came up with a realistic number. Usually there are 26 to 28 thousand Rider fans in Mosaic for that game, so I would think that half of those 10 000 Bomber fans were in the pratice field watching the game on a big screen TV.

We could Exaggerate all we want, outside of the GreyCup game...Da Bombers vs the Riders is the cream of the crop, in CFL Football. The game is Hyped n Jacked for good old ball, in central Canada...the heart of the CFL...

There may not be 10 000 Bomber fans at Mosaic Stadium, but I think its fairly safe to say there are 10 000 Manitobans (mostly Bomber fans, some Rider fans, and some just there to party) that make their way over to Regina for Labour Day Weekend.