What is year 0 in the CFL?

In the media, they are saying tbat the Elks have been stuck at 397 home wins for 1000 days. They are also saying that both Calgary and Winnipeg have 399 home wins. Apparently Toronto is next with 380.
My question is when is the date at which these victories started to be counted?
Surely the Argos who started up in 1871 have more home victories than Calgary that started up in 1945, or the Elks in 1950. I dont think they are using the 1958 date when the modern CFL was founded either. It has only been 63 years, and thus you would need to average 6. 4 home wins every season to get to 400. Don't forget, for almost half of tbat time, teams only played 8 home games, or 7 in tbe East per season.
I remember seeing somewhere that 1932 is seen as year 0 for rhe CFL, but then how could Edmonton and Calgary be near the top in tbis category, if they had a 15 year late start. Does anyone here know which year they started counting this uncountable record. I would have to think the Hamilton Tigers/Wildcats/Tigercats would have hundreds more victories since they had 2 teams at once, and were formed in the 1860s

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My guess is 1958

1958 is the first year of the CFL. Since all teams (except Ottawa I believe) pre date the league their records will reflect a longer timeline.

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Ottawa was 1876, but folded in 1996.
Toronto is 1871 but the Tigers were older.
The Als were 1946, Esks 1950, Stamps 45, Lions 54, Riders 1910, and Bombers in 1930

So Edmonton Calgary and Winnipeg have all averaged more than 6 home victories each season since 1958?

Although the CFL started in 1958, 1954 is considered the start of the CFL modern era with the addition of the BC Lions in 1954.

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Yeah, according to the game notes, 1954 is when the records start.

This week's game will be Edmonton's 1239th game and BC's 1145th.

Since '54, Edmonton holds the edge on BC, 116-82-4, including a 54-46 edge in Vancouver.

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Not saying you're wrong but on page 33 they also kept a record from 1938 :joy:

Good catch. Indeed, I was wrong:

1239 - This is regular season game 1239 for the Elks (693-527-18…home 398-213-7…road 295-314-11) since 1938 (includes 1938 &1939 WIFU seasons)

1220 - This is regular season game 1220 for the Elks (690-511-18…home 395-208-7…road 295-303-11) since 1949 (exclude s 1938 & 1938 WIFU seasons)

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Too bad Scully got covidfired. He would have cleared this up long ago. Like even 1954 would require over 6 home wins a season. Do home teams win 70% of tbeir games?