What Is Wrong With Your Riders?

Just need 2 know because I am looking forward to seeing y'all in Regina on Labour Day and back here for the banjo Bowl. What is wrong with the riders this year, you guys have good players, is it the coaching? I think so. Maybe you guys need a change at coach. Wouldn't it be great if it was Our Bombers VS. Your Riders in the Grey Cup in The Peg, that would be the ultimate party and a great thing for the CFL. Good Luck the Rest of the Year and coming from a True Blue Fan I mean it until we are back in the West :roll:

Well, Barrett is a little lack-luster, and it would seem our defense only likes to show up every couple of weeks. . . and they certainly don’t like making the trip to B.C.

sorry, too funny not to point out that a bomber fans solution always seems to be getting a new coach!

The Riders are firing on about 6 of 8 cylinders right now. Once the offense gets on track...watch out!!

umm the riders offense is basically on track ( points for )..its the defense that needs to get its chit together

umm the riders offense is basically on track ( points for )..its the defense that needs to get its chit together
yeah, what exactly are you talking about dariderfan, our offence is top 3 in the league right now. Joseph is have a great season so far, Dominguez is playing decently, JRich was playing very well before he went down, Fantuz had a great start to his CFL career against Toronto last Saturday, Armstead is a monster out there all around, Grant made a great catch at the end of the TO game to bring us withing a 2 point conversion of tying. French is usually pretty consistant but has had a little trouble as of late. Our O-Line's pass protection is adequate, sometimes they break down and Joseph has to sling it out of there before he's ready and sometimes Joseph just waits too long for routes to develop.

Having said that our run blocking from the O-Line hasn’t been up to snuff this season as far as I’m concerned. This is supposed to the be best O-Line in the league but so far this season they haven’t showed it, I’m expecting them to step it up pretty quickly and if they don’t I’m all for putting in O’Meara or another Practice Roster guy.

I think we need to get rid of KK. I actually have been and still am a supporter of Keith, but I think he needs to go. Dorsey and Bracey are more than capable of carrying the rock for the Riders this season.

Our defence is brutal and I’m not even going to begin to analyze what’s wrong there.

KK sucks monkey ballls.... He is an ass. He gets hurt every time he gets near a football... HE DOES NEED TO GO. I agree 100%. I think that we would be better off without him. I have a question, what about antonio warren, BC isnt using him, so do you think maybe they would do a trade? and if so for who?

Well, personally I say leave Warren alone. I know at first glance it sounds like an enticing option. He probably is one of the better RB's in the league still. My only beef about Warren is that he has trouble moving the ball through the middle, he has to go offtackle or sweep to gain yards he's not really capable of moving the pile. A guy like Dorsey while not being that big has shown that he can gain yards wherever he touches the ball and Bracey,well...the man is a monster he can move the ball anywhere he darn well wants to. So in short no, I don't believe we should pick up Warren

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