What is Wrong With This Forum?

Away for the day and so just catching up on the games via PVR. Want to read along as I watch. No West game day thread???

everybody watching the games possibly

There all on the US Election thread BS.

Ha, ha.

It happens.

When you have a amateurish run forum that's design is a joke, people don't care.

Says the guy invested enough to make over eight-thousand posts.

Nothing stopping any of those complaining on here from stepping up and posting a game day thread if that's what you want.

What is fascinating is that in previous years this would never happen. This year there seems to have been a decrease in game day thread participation and it's culminated in no thread on a playoff game. I'm trying to understand the shift.

:lol: burn

truth is ppl are tired of posting in game threads. you see this everywhere in all sports. Honestly who can type and watch at the same time? for what purpose?

come here to get the big news and discuss the big topics. Which I have done a great job at.

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Where do you live Access_Media? As in which province or city?

More like on what planet?

No West game day thread????????????????????????????????????
There are usually pretty active Game Day Threads on the CFL subreddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/cfl

At least on Reddit, while there are moderators policing the forums, they are only going to remove comments or posts that are egregiously violating forum rules.

There used to be a very active community of fans who would post both here and on TSN's articles, however many users (myself included) have gotten tired of the "moderator-approval" system in use in some of these sites. It really kills conversation when you take the time to post a comment and have to hope and pray that the moderator-gods find it in their hearts to approve your comment sometime within the following three days. TSN decided to shut down comments altogether this year.

In any case, there are certainly better places to go to get your smack-talk on during game day.,

Hmmm.... except for CFLISTHEBEST - everyone else here (even Argos1873) have relatively few posts on this board. None of the names from last year's semi-final threads is here discussing this. 110 posts on one thread and 53 on the other. Looks like many of the "old regulars" may either be too old or just aren't "regular" anymore.


I guess that's what's happened. People have been leaving the party and I haven't noticed. :oops:

people are too busy. internet fees are up. message boards are for reaction and getting the big tidbits. check how many ppl view. its a big deal still at cfl forums.

Some long time posters have walked away and others reduced involvement due to a few of the new posters that seem bent on destroying the forums. From racial slurs to personal attacks the forum is dying.

There are some great long time posters and a few new good ones. But sadly the forums is a shadow of its former self.

exactly...Blame SULLY

Even if there would've been a game day thread started it would've probably never been found anyway because it would've been buried and lost on the board because of a certain poster starting up a bunch of inane and nonsensical "My sources tell me " , "Breaking News" Troll THREADS that are basically doing nothing but cluttering up the forum ........No names mentioned :roll: :thdn:

Not sure if you saw my previous question, but I was being serious. Which city/province do you live in, Access_Media?