What Is Wrong With The Tiger Cats? Ken Peters

A position by position look at
the strengths and weaknesses

of the 2007 team

and what it will take to return
to respectability in 2008.

Ken Peters The Hamilton Spectator

(Nov 1, 2007)

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A very comprehensive and objective account
of the team and what needs to be done, Ken.

My compliments.

I don't know what his problem with Talman Gardner is.

Otherwise, pretty decent job.

Thanks for this link. It's a comprehensive rundown of the team and I agree with it apart from the smallest of details. In fact, Peters could have lifted what many on these threads have been saying for weeks/months.

(As of Monday, Gardner is no longer a Cat).

An Argo-Cat fan

I remember Hage getting ripped on this forum before the season. I think people should change their tone as he very well could be CFL MVP.

He's played good. But MVP? :roll:

Oops…meant CFl All-Star.

Yes, Ken Peters is what's wrong with the Tigercats..Oh wait, that's not what you meant...lol. Sorry Ron, I couldn't resist.

Definately better than the average KP article. Good job.

Well for Change this was good a Peace of Writing by Kenny

I think they need a better coach. they all suck

The cats better sign Armour and Bradley because the dfence is in trouble if they dont.

I wouldn't say they're in trouble without Bradley.

He's a decent player, but I mean, he's played like one or two games this year. I wouldn't want to be relying on him going into next year.

ya hes played one game and look how bad the defence has been this year. and he hassnt been hurt they just havent been playing him. Its going to be hard enough to find one good starter for the secondary and if they let bradley go theresno chance were finding 2 solid players.

See, perhaps theres a reason the coaches haven’t been playing him? Maybe he’s just not good enough to beat anyone out in practice?

I don’t really trust having a guy like that penciled in as a starter for next year. Whether he stays or not, we’re still gonna need to find at least 2 solid players to fill in our secondary.

Listing and cataloguing what's wrong with the Cats--must have been a labour of love for Kenny.
Seriously, is it that hard? Defenders who cant defend, receivers who cant receive, coordinators not coordinating....pretty basic stuff.

If anyone else caleed Ham. "Loserville" there'd be an outcry but since it's from Kenny/Spec who's respect and esteem from readers and the team cant sink any lower, the comment gets forgotten.

Peters seems to have an over-the-top appreciation for Getzlaf.
If he is so good why did he slip to the 3rd round, not make a weak team in the Cats, get traded and released by his hometown team all in one year.

Not quite Hall of Fame material.

Man think about that for a second. did you see him play last year? and did you see him play on saturday? He wassng amazing last week but for his first game, we all know hes got the skills.

And when we have Tay, Bradley and Anderson in the secondary i think we only need one more pereson back there to make a solid crew.

The guy has played one game in the past 12 months. And, while he had a nice game last week, with one interception, I wouldn't call him amazing. It's a bit much to count him as a starter next year IMO. Besides, if Taaffe and Co. are back next year (likely), they're probably still not gonna be to high on Bradley.

Side note, Anderson coming back is a whole different discussion. I worry this might turn into a Jason Goss situation.

It doesn't matter who comes back or who we get, if we don't hire an experienced CFL offensive and defensive coordinator. Our record next year will be no better if we retain these two total incompetents.

Im not saying he had an amazing game last week im saying that for his first game in a year he played good. And it was said somewhere on here that he didnt play this year even though hes been ready sence labourday because the coaches wanted to stay with the same lineup and see what they had.

If you dont think Taffe is a good offensive coach then you dont know CFL football !!!!