What is wrong with the Lions

What isn’t?

Well what isn't wrong is their ability to take advantage of the blunders of the opposition team, e.g. Blue Bombers.


No pass rush.

Good receivers across the board but not one elite receiver (would Burnham or Arceneaux be a #1 receiver on any other team?).

A head coach past his best-before date and a mostly ineffective defensive coordinator. A new voice at the top is needed.


I assume this is meant in jest??

Long as Lullay can keep healthy, b.c.’s good to go.

Play calling has been poor...SK turns over the ball with 90 seconds left at their 50 and instead of trying to get into good field goal range to tie it they go for the long bomb...WTF. Play calling 101 here.

ith competitivewest...all it takes is to be three players away from being a contender...the QB position is NOT lacking...

I guess you can count the Canucks out as potential owners of the Lion. They just used up their spending money.

Oh I think they have just a little more in the couch cushions should they decide to go for the Lions

Doin great now. 6-1 lately is a nice turnaround. GO Lions! Grey Cup comin home!

2011 season repeat!!?
The lions should try and sell out there final home game, open the second tier, be awsome to see that place sold out

Let's work on the bottom bowl first. Unless we completely crap the bed in Regina, we should have a good storyline for Wally's final home game at BC Place vs Stamps. It should be a decent crowd (21K+), plus it's Wally Buono bobblehead night in which the first 5,000 fans receive a free bobblehead.

Should be a great game if both q.b.’s stay healthy and in the game.

My only thuaght is that with lions not doing as well people won’t buy the over priced tickets in the end zone if more sideline seat in the second tire were avalible and prices weren’t rediculious then more people would show up