What is wrong with the Elks?!

Me I still like model kits, enamel paints and styrene cement and will for the rest of my life. Among my most treasured memories!

Here are a few snapshots from my present day collection of unbuilt kits including the cabinet where I've stored most but not all my kits:


Agree 100% - - Jim Franklin had tremendous physical skills and seemed reasonably intelligent, but he just didn’t have the drive and commitment to succeed at the pro level.

The red flag for me was an interview early in his career when he acknowledged football wasn’t a big priority in his life.

Because it’s by far the most cerebral position in sports, QBs at the pro level need to eat, sleep and breathe football.

When Franklin wasn’t willing to do that, he really had no hope at succeeding.

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Ah you and that black kitty could knock all those off on a long weekend lmao

The Elks just aren't finishing drives. Week 1 Jones can't keep a foot in bounds for an easy TD wide open. Week 2 Harris makes a bad throw under the goal posts shoulda been a pick. If they punch a couple in they'll be fine.

Other than that I guess the punt cover should be better. Both Dedmon and Alford had pretty big days against them.

The Elks certainly have looked better than Calgary so far and much better than Hamilton. Hamilton has been shockingly atrocious, easily the worst.

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Je ne sais pas à quel point il faut donner de l'importance à ce match. Les Alouettes avaient du vidéo sur les Elks pour se préparer, ce que ces derniers n'avaient pas. C'était un gros avantage pour les Alouettes.

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Offence was certainly there but they have not been finishing the drives
Time of possession, yards gained, they do not look like an 0-2 team

Montreal did well but losing to Ottawa stings

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C'est ça! Vous avez raison.


That may have been a small factor but I don't buy that. Montreal just out-executed them, plain and simple.

Papmlemouse fromage framboise :slightly_smiling_face:

Well now in beating the BC Lions that's a team, though only 21 points after all those yards of offence is not going to win on enough nights.

Now the Elks improve from here with both lines well intact and performing on all fronts for once.

Allowing no sacks was big too.

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Elks just fired their ST coordinator. See the other thread.

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That's funny, Elks 1/2 with a 5 point win. Now a chip on your shoulders, that's funny 3 games total of 46 points.no humility.

You do realize this is a team room and by definition going to have a rooting interest, right? Take it somewhere else with the mockery.

Bombers win the cup for the first time in almost thirty years this guys coming in hot eh lmao :rofl: tell em Paolo

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Yup, hasn't realized one hit to Bandaid Collaros and their seasons done. It will happen. He's like Reilly, he "extends plays" by hanging onto the ball way too long and then gets plastered by some lineman who has a free shot at him.

Back on the subject, I think the special teams coach was pretty much done after the first play of the game last night. Somebody else must have picked it up for the rest of the game as there was a real shift in how we played on special teams from there on.

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During the Calgary rematch, my friend and I started to guess what play the Elks were going to run next. We were right more often than not. They didn't try to stretch out the field until the third quarter and more often in the fourth quarter. Else, they passed it off to Wilder. Whoever the OC is, should be replaced.

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Only one Coach studied the game film from the Labour Day match and made any adjustments for yesterday's game. And it wasn't Edmonton's. Quite simply the Elks had no plan B in case the Stampeders took away what worked for them last week.


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You are onto something big here I think because a few stats point in this direction as well.

Trevor Harris leads the league in both passing yards and in completion percentage (74.1%).

And the Elks have a solid receiving corps.

So why is the passing game poop, as in also low scoring?

The explanation you provided, based on your viewing experience, just might be a big part of the answer.

Three things really wrong.

Penalties - Way too many penalties. Stop drives for us, continue drives for opponents.

Running Game - R U N the ball. Shovel passes, direct snap, tons of options but if the linebackers are not being held near the line they are either blitzing or covering. That and the d-line can tee off on the quarterback for 7 sacks a game.

While Harris has good passing numbers, there are things he does that are far too predictable. I'm sure every defence in the league has figured out he always rolls right. The short and shovel was there all day yesterday. It doesn't have to be a bullet pass down the field. Toss it over the linemen to Wilder standing all alone 5 yards in front of you. If we got a pitch and catch game going with Wilder I'm sure it would be effective.

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Well things have gone from lousy to utter crap.

They gave up 14 points to the Bombers defense alone and committed five turnovers.

The best case is 4th place in the West. BAH!