What is wrong with the Elks?!

What on earth is happening? Limp offence is a head scratcher, D is new. That makes sense. But the Offence is no where to be found and I'm at a loss :triumph::unamused::roll_eyes:and uhhhhhh :rage:


I'm going to review the tape a bit, but clearly after the first touchdown by Montreal, the Elks were never in that game.

4 sacks allowed plus all the pressure from Montreal's defence plus Montreal running all over us means both sides of the line are deficient now much as was the offensive line last week.

Take out Harris' 41-yard completion to Mike Jones, and he was 18/28 for 182 yards. That's not going to do it unless the other team has a horrible game on offence.

Now look to the next three games to win at least 2 for 2-3 at worst, or put Elizondo on the hot seat with that heat on the globe turned up like right now please.


got to be the new name

well, somebody had to say it :slight_smile:


Harris is garbage. Gotta bring back James Franklin. Dunno why Esks didn't develop him more, but he was abused by Reilly and coaches (glued to the bench) although whenever he played (i.e. preseason), he and Walker kicked ass. I thought Franklin was just gonna play a few years here and then go to NFL, a la Warren Moon. However, when Reilly went from MOP to Most Valuable Mouth during last year(s) here, still Franklin wasn't used. Now Harris is big BSer in town. CFL QB has to establish himself to teammates by using play action and making time for himself, i.e. scramble, use running backs to keep defence guessing. Straight drop back Harris is worse than last days of Reilly, sucking badddddddddly. One more bad game and season is in the toilet. Jes my two cents...

Or, to take a page from Ticats, better have a good offensive line to protect the QB. Ticats have been good at this in last few years, leading to emergence of Masoli, and other qb having success there. Maybe Elks not blocking good enough so far. Or maybe Harris is rubbish and better learn how to bootleg before next game.

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Harris just wasting Wilder Jr at the moment.

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Hardly think Harris is the only issue. The games kind of stink league wide, no preseason games maybe an issue? Give it a bit and hope for improvement


I agree with you. Harris's game has been somewhat off, but he has the tools and ability and skill. Here's what is dreadfully wrong.

Play Calling - On offence in the red zone and on defence generally all around, it is AWFUL. The only saving grace we have is the kicking game for some consolation points. If all those drives resulted in touchdowns given all that talent of receivers and backs, there is a good chance we are 1-1 at the very least and would have been well in the game against Montreal. This one is on the coaching staff given the players at hand. Warm up the hotseat now I say.

Offensive Line - Though the run blocking is decent, the pass blocking, well, no it's terrible and it's been terrible all season so far.

Defensive Line - This is the biggest problem and then the rest of the defence breaks down through the game from there. They are being blown off the ball in many ways and not generating good pass rush.

Special Teams Coverage - It was one punt return gone woeful for touchdown, sure it happens, but that tape has to be watched to fix the multiple mistakes not merely one missed assignment. I guarantee other teams are watching that tape to figure out how to exploit Edmonton's glaring weaknesses on kick coverage.

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That's not on Harris. Wilder Junior is a solid back and the run blocking is solid at the very least. This is on the overall play-calling and woeful pass-blocking.

I'd build improvements around the running game that otherwise is just fine, but you are not going to win most games in modern pro football with most any offence that primarily generates field goals at best.

No thanks. That's the last team from which to take notes now. What season are you watching?

There is something there but really - they looked like a ship without a rudder. I thought D was OK, especially since they were on the field most of the night.

Outside of the first 5 minutes they just looked flat. Like a bottle of Coke left in the sun on a hot day. No fizz, no excitement, coaches standing on the sideline looking like someone whacked them full of Thorazine.

If I was GM I would have had the whole coaching staff follow me from the field to my office and laid it out. Changes are coming, no question. Better fix things or your career highlight may be being fired on the field at halftime in the next game.

Then there is Harris. I hope he's embarrassed. To quote from an old book "It's better to be thought of as a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt".

This is a strong take, and no doubt it might come to this or worse.

I dunno, maybe you can be in charge of some things, sir?

The problems in Edmonton start with the HC. Who also happens to be the OC. The guy is atrocious.

It’s going to be a long year for Edmonton fans.

Porous O-Line, poor play calling, and Trevor Harris not getting it done when it counts (not padding stats during garbage time).

Very bad politics. That organization needs to lose. There is nothing racist about Eskimos. They need to go the way of Megan Rapinoe and the US women's Olympic soccer team.

I'm I the only person who See's two faces on the Elk's logo?
First one an Elk looking left
The second one is a snuffleupagus looking right

I gave up sniffing glue around 92 lmao you still on the model airplane trip? :grin:


I flatly disagree. With James Franklin the Eskimos/Elks would have been worse. There's a reason why Franklin bombed out of the league. Look at his stats. And coaches aren't stupid.

One of the main reasons that the Elks have faltered this year is because Jason Maas' skills as an offensive coordinator are now in Saskatchewan and it's showing there as well. Without Maas, the Elks offence is very predictable and opposing defences have had a field day.



Unfortunately that's my thinking too.


As much as Maas was bombastic personality he was good at game transition for his offence .

He also carried the weight of the offence on his shoulders and was on the side line firing on all cylinders .

You could tell he may have taken the game very personally and made sure the offence was adapting to what was given by the defence .

He would need to learn to delegate better if he is given the HC reigns again .

His transition ability during the game was as good as any .

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