What is wrong with FNF information?

Did anyone see the TiCat game last night? After the game, the announcers said that the TiCats now have a chance to make the playoffs, "They'll need some help". Why do they not get their information straight first? The Ticats are in control of their own destiny & make the playoffs as long as they win their last 4 games. They are 3 behind Ottawa & if they win the last 4 games and get 8 points, Ottawa only has 3 games left including tonight and 1 is against Hamilton, so they can ONLY get 4 points if Hamilton wins their 4 games. That would put Hamilton ahead by a point. So if Hamilton wins their remaining 4 games, there is NOTHING Ottawa can do. TiCats DO NOT need help to get into the playoffs.

They need help for sure. Big time!!!!!

Do you mean Hamilton needs help or the FNF crew needs help? Or both?! ;D


Well Hamilton has Montreal twice, Ottawa and Calgary, so maybe both...lol

But statistically Hamilton just needs to win and only tough game is Calgary.

Ottawa controls their own destiny, if they win all three remaining games they are guaranteed a home playoff spot and with some help they could take 1st. They could also finish 3rd and no playoff.
Toronto controls their own destiny but could also miss a playoff spot or take 1st.
Ticats could also take 1st or miss the playoffs.

They're actually five points behind Ottawa after tonight's game, with Ottawa having three game left. If Ottawa wins two of their three games, they end up with 17 points. The most Hamilton can get, by winning their remaining four games, is 16 points. So they need Ottawa to lose or tie at least one of their other two games for us to have a possibility of second place. And both Edmonton and BC need to tank to prevent the crossover.

Umm - Ottawa have played 16 games ( 6 - 9 - 1 ). for a total of 13 points. Incredibly - due to unbelievably STUPID scheduling the Redblacks have two bye weeks in the last 4 weeks of the season so they only have two games left.

One of their two remaining games is against the Cats. If Hamilton were to win that game the most points the Redblacks can end with is 15 points.

Hamilton have played 14 games ( 4 - 10 ) for 8 points with 4 games left. If they win all 4 - including the game against Ottawa - they end up with 16 points.

So yes - the Cats still do control their own destiny. Win the next 4 - they host the EDSF.

One possibility - Ticats win all of their remaining games and finish first at 8 - 10
Ottawa wins next week in Regina and finish 7 - 10 - 1
Toronto’s remaining games are all against West teams and could finish 7 - 11 and out of the playoffs.

But likely the Ticats will drop one of their remaining games and finish 7 - 11
Ottawa wins that last game against Hamilton and finishes 7 - 10 - 1
Toronto will win one remaining game and finish 8 - 10

Ottawa does not want another bye week so they are happy to take second and host the Esks

The sad reality is that the Ti-Cats are probably the best team in the east right now. . . . . . and stand a very good chance of not participating in the post-season!

Doh! My mistake. For some reason I thought they had three games left. So you’re right. As long as Hamilton wins all of their remaining games, including the one against Ottawa, they end up ahead of Ottawa and Montreal - and maybe even Toronto.