what is wrong with empire field

here are my reasons why empire field is not cracked up to all the hype.

My first game at empire field on Saturday was a terribale experience because.

  1. too many people in a too small area outside of the stadium. *( the location should have had a bigger area to hold 27,000 people)

  2. they could have built the stadium with no posts in front of you, i have seen so many temp stadiums built without posts so you can not see what is going on.

  3. Seats are too close together.


I will tell you why is because they did not have any stadium exports in there helping them disghn how all the concessions, beer lines, and washrooms should be organized, and know they are going to lose fans because they could not figure this out before empire opend.

  1. Transite What a joke waiting 40 min for a bus, that is realy going to turn people off and not show up.

all that is going to do is force people to drive and have to pay the $30.00 for parking, and because of that people are not going to show up. if that continues.

  1. And the worst of all is the team, the way they lost is pathetic, do they want people to keep coming back or what.

Thses are very good reason why you should not go to empire stadium, i know i will not be there agin untill these things are fixed.

Bring on bc place please . ASAP.

Whine Cry... sob... 8)

tell someone who cares.

Suck it up Princess !

A shining example of why British Columbia leads the country in the number of died in the wool b*tchers and complainers. :roll:

It's a temporary stadium....what were you expecting, the Taj Mahal? They've done their best with washrooms and concessions. There are port-a-potties galore, and even plumbed trailers. Try going to the more spacious west side of the stadium....lots of concessions there. Fill your boots.

Pillars? Of course! Without them, guys like you would be whining about being stuck sitting in the November rains.

A big group of friends of mine and I went on Saturday and had an amazing time. The best tailgate I've been to next to Calgary's. The media, fans, and everyone I know is jacked up about Empire Field. :thup:

1 - Ever been outside BC Place after a big crowd? Same problem.
2 - How would the roofs over the stands get supported? Helium ballons?
3 - No they're not. There's more room there than BC Place
4 - This is the PNE, not stadium. Also if you're stupid enough to buy a $8 CUP of Budweiser, then you deserve to get punished with a long wait.
5 - Transit has nothing to do with the stadium. However, if you can handle a 10 minute walk, park for free a little distance from the stadium
6 - What does the team have to do with the stadium? Also, my only main concern is the O-Line.

I think ya should hop on the Waaaaaaaaaaaaambulance with FYB. :roll:


Those are all issues because it's a temporary stadium. To me, all of those issues are not really issues and it's something I can live with since it's just one season. I had a blast at the opener even though the result was brutal. I parked on the east side of boundary and had a nice 10-15 minute walk to the stadium in the sun. I'm excited for BC Place, but I'm also gonna soak in the Empire experience as much as I can.

I've been to both games.

Yeah, its not like we are used to, but its only for this year. The PNE ripping us off for parking is out of the BC Lions control. Can't to anything about transit, you can't pickup Sky train and just move it.

I didn't mind the concessions, I actually like the selection of food. Not sure what the wash room issues were, we did okay when needed.

Its only for one year! We can live with it.

i heard it is for next summer too

I would be very impressed if you were able to! I'd definately buy ya a beer for it.

If he does that, I think you should buy him the brewery....

Was painful to try and decipher that mess!

A couple things, the seats actually have more room than BC place and the washrooms were fine, I didnt have to line up once. Beer lines were too long for sure. Glad to see the sky is falling posts are alive and well.

i agree...gave me a headache...lol

these guys aren't complaining about empire field:

[url=http://www.sportsnet.ca/video/latest/Empire-Field-sights-and-sounds/]http://www.sportsnet.ca/video/latest/Em ... nd-sounds/[/url]

If you check out the Lions forum, you'll discover a significant amount of the O.P.'s posts are in complaint of something. Grains of salt, people...

And he also likes to post the exact same thing in both the CFL and Lions forum. YAY copypasta...

I'm not normally elitist but:

  1. This does sound like a lot of complaining over a temporary stadium. Chill, relax, whatever word you use. Life is too short to sweat the small stuff like this. And I do have a serious question for you and many others. What IS wrong with a 10 minute walk to a stadium? We're getting the same comments in Hamilton. If I'm going to be sitting down for 3 hours and add driving time on top of that I WANT a bit of exercise. Unless there's a medical reason the loathing for a walk simply confuses me.

  2. I know that your name is dupsdell but whenever I read your posts they are more like dudspell. Seriously, your complaints will more likely be heard if they are presented in a coherent fashion. Of course spelling Beer as Berr makes it sound like Brrrrrr.... which is what beer is supposed to be (here in North America anyway).

Given the number of typos he had in his original post, maybe the guy had enjoyed one to many "berrs" and was half in the bag when he wrote it.

The biggest problem with Empire was that the Lions didnt show up to play.