What is with this schedule?

Can someone please explain to me WTF is with the CFL's schedule? Why does the NFL with 32 teams play a 17 week regular season when the CFL with only 8 teams plays a 20 week regular season? Do people really wanna see the same teams play that many times? I SURE AS HE!! DON'T! No wonder this league is so poorly thought of. I understand that we lost Ottawa (yet again) this year. Well woooppity doooo!! There would have been all of 9 teams instead of 8. BIG HAIRY DEAL! I do not want to see Winnipeg play Montreal 4 times a year. BORING! This is a prime example of why we need more teams. Either that of quit pulling a schedule out of their a$$ a shorten it! That's my 2 cents!

You have to take into consideration that they had to quickly retool the schedule this season after Ottawa suspended operations. When they (hopefully) resume play next season, the schedule will be more appealling. However, I do agree that the league needs a 10th team to make the sked more balanced.

More CFL football the better.

Can't see why anyone would complain about being able to watch too much football.

Panties a little too tight today?

Yeah I agree, I think the only answer is to make the league one division so the Argos and ticats don't have to play each other 6 times a year.

btw this year is probably the worst sced they've ever come up with, they fired the sced maker after the first one was made then Ottawa folded so they were forced to have some incompetent fool make the new one. In the first 3 weeks of the season, including preseason, they had the same 3 teams face each other 3 weeks in a row, Calgary and Edmonton played 4 in a row.

They didn't can anybody. They were pressured to retool an existing schedule for 9 teams to suit it for 8 teams. Not a very easy thing to do when training camp was scheduled to start 3 months after the new one was released.

Did I like the fact that teams ended up facing each other the first week of the regular season after seeing them in both pre-season contests? Hell no. I also don't like the home-at-home games against teams in the other division late in the season. (Calgary-Toronto home-at-home at the end of September, followed right after by a Edmonton-Toronto home-at-home). But I challenge anyone who could've done anything better given the tight time deadline before the start of the season.

If you think you could do any better, I suggest filing your resume with the CFL offices. I'm sure they could take it under some consideration after they laughed their @$$es off. :roll:

Actually I did work for the CFL back in the early 1990's. I suggested in 1992 to talk to EA Sports and get a CFL video game made. None of the owners thought it would fly or wanted to spend the money to endorse it. Shows what they know. If they would have made an agreement back then before EA Sports got so big it would have cost pennies compared to today. As far as a schedule goes, 8 teams playing each other 2 times (1 home and 1 away) would make a 14 week schedule. (That's you vs 7 other teams x 2 games per team = 14 games/weeks) A little longer if you wanna give a week or 2 off. Doesn't seem that damn hard to me. My 4 year old daughter could do that!

so you would rather they not play than play each other 3-4 times :roll:

All I’m saying is 4 times in regular season play is too much! OMG… Do you really wanna see them play the same teams that many times? I love football to death. I played from the time I was 12 until I was 21. I would still play today if it wasn’t for adult leagues being sissy flag ball or touch.

I couldn't care less who they play. I just want to see them play. Yes, I'm annoyed with the sched, but what do you do?

You sit back, watch, and enjoy.

or when they played more games than you care to watch…change the channel!

We wanna see them play


yeah well the nfl plays 16 regular season games plus 4 pre season games the cfl plays 18 regular and 2 pre season so we play the same amount of games mind you they are against the same teams but in a year where the had to whip up a schedual quickly you don't notice it

The CFL is a business with obligations, and a shorter schedule would harm revenue. More games help to pay bills. Back-to-back games are not bad. In major league baseball, the same teams routinely play each other in the same city for consecutive days.

I'm sure I could, since it's obvious all they did was punch a bunch of numbers into a computer and this sced is what it spit out. No human could have possibly come up with something so dry and tasteless, definitely the work of a cumputer.

Interesting that the NHL is doing what the CFL is doing, making Toronto and Ottawa play each other what, some 7 or 8 times a year, and every game is sold out and with lots of excitement.
If it was me, I'd play the Argos 18 games of the year for my TiCats, it's great, like playoff hockey where you can play someone 7 times in 2 weeks in a 7 game series, just great and adds to the passion. The NHL is taking a page right out of the CFL playbook. And it's working.
I don't get your argument Capt Blue, not in the least bit.

The only thing I don't like is all the back to backs. I haven't paid enough attention to know if this is happening to anyone else.. but Calgary had Sask twice, now have Montreal twice, and then face the Chuck twice, and we already played the Esks two in a row in the start of the season.. it's hard to win two in a row against the same team, so it adds up to a win-loss-win-loss pattern that's predictable and annoying.

Yeah, there really are a lot of back-to-backs. The Riders have played 7 games so far, but have only played 3 different teams! I think back-to-back games are good and can tend to balance out the standings, cuz it's tuff to win back-to-back. But playing the same team 3 times in 4 weeks is a bit much.

Relax everyone, the Gades situation I believe caused this to happen, this will be "corrected" next year for those that see it as needing "correcting".

My god! (hope that no one has assosicated me with this guy yet, he's nuts!) More football is always better! the CFL sch at 20 weeks is WAY better than the NFL at 17 (odd number, not good). and for the teams playing eachother over and over, the CFL game is so unpreditable, you don't really know who will win.

I actually have more of a problem with the NFL Schedules.

You see, I am one of those guys who thinks that every team should play in every stadium, every year. Now I know this is impossible with the NFL, seeing as a 64 week season would not cut it.
Okay, you can’t play every team? Then how about as many as possible. That would be cool. But no! You have to play division opponents twice in a season! Grr. . . (Don’t even get me started on the MLB or NHL.)

I think the CFL should expand to 10 teams, and stay there. This way, every team plays each other twice, once at home and once away. That makes sense to me.
So then we expand back into Ottawa, we expand into the Maritimes, and we should be happy.

Of course, I wouldn’t be against having more than ten teams. . .