What is with this ESPORT stuff

this stuff is not SPORT. It is just a type of gaming.

Should be called sportgaming or something like that

If you don't like the sport in "E-sports", because it's not sports, I don't see how you can like "sportgaming" either.

Personally, I would rather live and let live. Germans say their country is Deutschland. Imagine the outrage if they were forced to use the English word just to satisfy outsiders.


i’m a gamer but i don’t care for e-sports. however the name of it doesn’t bother me. i just think for it as another activity people do that i am not interested in. i also suspect you don’t realize or appreciate the physical and mental aspects of competitive gaming, because most non-gamers don’t.


Just playing Mariokart against a buddy makes me sweat. I'd probably lose 10 lbs in one night if I tried e-sports :wink:


one reason I complain is that I went to Canadasoccer to see scores for recent games and schedule for next games and was confused at first by the mentioning of enational team scores. Had to look it up

not every thing that requires physicality is sport. competitve gaming does not equal sport. anymore than does darts or poker or golf

another reason is allowing people to believe this is sport influences them away from being active in real sport.

people need to step back from constant gaming and start actually living life

yeah, I missed on that. I think what I wanted was something more like sport based gaming

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If someone has a physical handicapp which doesn't allow said person to run/jump etc and e-sports fulfills their dreams then I wouldn't hold it against them.

Last time I played NHL on EA sports I found out I wasn't as good as I thought I was. 14 year old kids were making deke moves that I had no clue how to do. At some point these kids will put down the controller because these games get more sophisticated as time goes on.

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i’m disabled and i like gaming. maybe you should actually live life and stop watching so much crappy old tv.


Hey Kids! | "How Do You Do, Fellow Kids?" | Know Your Meme

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i’m in my 50’s and i enjoying gaming. hearing other people close to my age diss it like it’s kids play and has no value is annoying as eff. tell me your hobbies and i’ll tell you want else you should be doing.


i guarantee you i get more exercise than you old man. i don’t drive because i am not medically allowed to, so i have to walk and bus everywhere. telling me need to actually live life is because i enjoy gaming is crap.


I'm a gamer and play online with my brothers at least once a week. However, I have no interest whatsoever in E-Sports, just as there are a lot of other sports and pseudo-sports I have no interest in.


dont I wish, but at least I didnt waste my youth

Of course there are many exceptions, I am just leary of young people getting into thinking that gaming is a good substitute for real sports.

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why are you leary? and why “young people”? why not older people who use gaming is a replacement for “real sports” too? and what age range are we talking about here? most of us are younger than you. what are you leary about?


I just hate to see society, specially youth, abandoning actually physically playing sports. It is not good for people and I am so pro playing sports, even tho I can no longer do it myself.

However, not my intention to ruffle feathers, just mentioning a pet peeve about gaming and games getting put into the same bag with actual sports.

I love games myself, mostly board games. Its just not sport

I play solitaire on my computer, 63% winning%
Does that count?

as what??

As esports

Well, as I have indicated, I dont beleive in calling any electronic activity sport.

However, I play lots of card games on my computer.

what does any of that have to do with gamers getting out and “actually living life?” they don’t have actual lives?

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