What is with the thursday games.

The only nite I am not at home, and they have 3 in a row.

Just guessing here, but perhaps people tend to go away on August weekends.

Works for me.

Bingo. Then in the fall we get flooded with Saturday and Sunday afternoon games.

Fans complain about weekend games, that they are at the beach cottage etc Then they complain about weekday games the only thing I disagree with are the Sunday afternoon games in the fall and the playoffs on a Sunday. At one time all the playoff games and the Grey Cup were on a Saturday. I know that Sunday evening is the Prime Time for television in the fall and holding the Grey Cup is the time to get the most viewers.
But I think the playoff games should be held on Saturdays.

The CFL tried several years ago to have the East and West Final on Saturday and the tv rating were not very good. Having the games on Sundays even though they are going head to head with the nfl does very well. I guess Canada likes the CFL more than the no fun league :rockin:

Yeah, Saturdays and people with families that need to get stuff done doesnt leave a.lot of time. Sundays people are more relaxed.and at home or visiting the grandparents, I can see better ratings. Now in the US with Saturday college football culture, well we don't have that much in Caanada, unfortunately. Must admit I would have loved to be born and raised in such culture, apart from the fact I am a proud Canadian having the background I do have as such.

Saturday is not a good day for any TV ratings, that's why all the networks put on their worst shows on a Saturday.
Sunday is the day for best ratings and the Grey Cup, Super Bowl, Amazing Race, Dexter and all the top HBO shows are on a Sunday. I know in the winter my PVR get's a good work out on a Sunday.

Canada loves their CFL, but in the past year the Super Bowl scored the biggest viewership on Canadian TV (8Mil) followed by the closing ceremony of the Olympics (7.2m), Opening ceremony of the Olympics (6.4M), then Bolt's 110m race(6.2m) then The Grey Cup (4.3M), followed by the Olympic women's football Canada/USA(3.1M)

What about the world junior hockey championship game? Super Bowl certainly benefits from being in the dead of winter where many people are home.

I hope the Thursday games have nothing to do with competition with NFL preseason games on the weekend. NFL preseason games are nothing but a ripoff, the CFL gets it right with only 2. Just another way to get money from the season ticket holders. As a New Mexican, I am looking forward to the 3 Sep game that will be on the NFL Network. Go Ticats and Chris Williams!

Its a pity that this is even a topic/issue.

You could schedule all of the green goblin home games on wednesday afternoons @ 12:05 pm and they would still sell out most of their homes games, even with the stadium expansion, and have good TV ratings, with ease.

Yes that's true, I thought that the Friday night and Saturday CFL games had pretty good ratings, that's why I thought that holding the playoff games on a Saturday would be good too. But the ratings show that the playoff games are usually a hit on Sundays. I wonder if the ratings would score higher on a Saturday, I now it's been many years since they played on Saturdays? The ratings for last years final was an average of 1.5 Million for both games, I assume the CFL doesn't want to risk losing that audience by holding games on a Saturday. I suppose the thinking is that people shop and do things on Saturday and then sit back and watch football on Sunday afternoons.

Thank god for the Thursdays games. This team is a joke. They are getting worse year by year and week by week. Week to week all we see are: dropped passes, fumbles, a defense that is unbelievably weak, defensive backs that could not catch a ball if their life depended on it and a defense that rather be aggressive and hit wait for the backs, and receivers to run to them. I have had it with this team.

Lots of time left in the season but we have to shore up quickly and get this team on track to what it should be. Maybe the head coach is the problem, I don't know.

Maybe it is a good idea, I don't have to watch this same old crap. Big hopes and now they are crushed another 8/10 season on the way.