What is with Rider fans?

I know the majority of Rider fans are probably down to earth people but the ones I have encountered on here today shows me how glad I am that I don't belong to this group.

I don't see why a lot of Rider fans think that the Riders are God's gift to the CFL. News flash! You are 1/8th of a league.

You have some sellouts! Wow! What happens when you lose again?!? Your attendance will go down.

You sold some merchandise. Big whoop!

You win a Grey Cup and the rest of the league show bow down to you?

Last time I look, you finished second in your division and still don't have a QB.

Look, if you have an opinion that's fine but from the way a few people talk, you would think that the Riders have won 10 Grey Cups in a row and that they are the greatest franchise in the history of the earth. Puhlease! SSK is like every other city with a sports team, over excited when they win, non existent when they lose.

We get away with all that because we're so darn lovable.

I have to agree with the OP.

Funny, when Lions' fans were basking in the glory of our team, it was often Rider fans who shot us down for doing that and said we were arrogant, classless, etc. Yet they've taken this bragging stuff to a new level and, although they claim they're just having fun, it's getting awfully old to the rest of us. We've all got good teams and the West has been extremely exciting this season...the Riders are not Canada's only team (like they think they are).

If BC were to lose, I'm with Calgary all the way in this...some Rider fans need a reality check and a quick exit would suffice. It's one thing to have fun - but when you're the big, loud guy who crashes every party, you quickly become an annoyance...it's not all about you.

...keeping in mind, of course, that not all of us are acting as you appear to be accusing the lot of doing (and yes, I realize you try to cover your butt later in your post...this portion, though, is one huge generalization.).

See - here's a good example. Not lovable. Comes across as a, well, it rhymes with "ditch".

This topic is indicative of deep seated inferiority complexes. Actually the analyses of Rider fan activity on this forum would indicate that a) we are actually more active and vocal when we are losing and b) the only thing you have to talk about has nothing to do with the most important question of the week. And that is not who has the best fans. It is who is going to win the game on Saturday. It is going to be close and it is going to be brutal. I believe the winner will be going to the Grey Cup whichever team that may be.

Frankly, I've noticed very little of the "attitude" that Deb is describing. We all know the complaints she and others have made regarding Turkey as one of the major offenders, but anyone who has paid the least amount of attention and need to point to Turkey as a major offender, obviously really are saying there is almost no bragging, no attitude from Rider fans. If Turkey is the worst, then NO RIDER fans on these forums have even come close to the level of trash we got from a number of Lion fans, not just last year as defending champs, but for a few years. The fact that some of them were banned from the forums because of those attitudes ought to tell us something about that. I am unaware of any Rider fans having been so banned. Can you point to any Deb? Chief?

Do some Rider fans talk some trash? Sure they do. It's a sports forum people. There are going to be people who talk trash. But the only reason Rider fans get any notice, is because, quite frankly, we simply outnumber other groups. With the sheer number of Rider fans that post, there are going to be a few who say things that others might find irritating. But as a group. Overall? Rider fans are not nearly the loudmouths that Deb and Chief are proclaiming us to be. And as I know I've never used that broad brush when referring to Lion fans, I find it being used on us is actually kinda funny....in a sad way....

Well, for one thing, after the crappy years we went through at or close to the bottom of the league, its nice to have a team worth bragging about. I lived through a lot of years listening to how much the Rider suck, blah blah blah, but kept cheering for my team anyway.
If you think its obnoxious, oh well. I think that a lot of people who cheer for other teams are obnoxious as well.

Personally, I think it comes with winning. It was the Lions fans last season, and it’s the Riders fans this season. Careful, Stamps and Als fans… This is what you have to look forward to if you win. :stuck_out_tongue:

It is like the workplace analogy. If you put all the teams on a ladder with the cellar dwellers on the bottom rung and the other teams taking up the remainder and the Champions on the top, no matter where you are under the top rung, you always are looking up at an a$$.

I'v said it before and I'll say it again, Riders are on top, enjoy it, revel in it. Just remember when you move down a rung, take it easy on the donkey above you, that was you last year.

So now you know how it feels, huh?

When you (and others) painted all Lions' fans with one broad brush, it was equally unfair. Deal with it.

Deb, are you looking at my a$$?

Unfortunately, you're on the wrong ladder...that's the silo you're climbing.


Phew. For a moment there I had wished I was wearing underwear......

PHEW! You should be .... helps cover up the smell.

Rider fans are arrogant because they've won 1 Grey Cup in 18 years and have hosted 3 playoff games in 32 years, although not one of which was a West Final.

They have a lot to be arrogant about.

They are the Detroit Lions of the CFL.

They are like Boston Red Sox fans after the first world series. They pretend everything before it never came and everything after makes them the best team alive. Man I hope the cubs never win another world series.

…I personally guarentee that the stampeder fans will handle themselves with utmost decorum commencing approximately 7:30 pm MST November 23rd and remain that way for upwards of a year…

Well a guarantee is worthless without some collateral security. So let's make this interesting: What say you agree to a self-banning if the promised decorum fails to materialize, or lapses at some point during the year.

A forum with Lions and Riders fans constantly bickering and no Red to chime in with a witty remark... God help us... :lol: