What is with Proline??

there are only 4 CFL games a week, and they cant get the odds for all 4 on gameday???....

what gives?

i wanna bet on all 4 CFL games, yet they will only let me bet on the bombers game tonite and the eskies game tomorrow....what about the other 2 games???

i cant even make a ticket with only 2 games.

Proline sucks.


I've never played ProLine, but I think it's because the ProLine week goes from Saturday to Friday. Saturday and Sunday's games will be on next week's ticket.

I have a ticket with all four on them... I did a combo, so only 3 have to be right and I did the all 4 as well. Im batting 1.000 so far lol

how can u be perfect when there was a tie last week?

I mean I got the one game this week right so far... And you can win when there is a tie. They call it a "tie" and a "tie" occurs when the game is decided with 3 points or less.