what is with our Special teams?

Anyone noticed one consistency this year?

that our Special teams suck!

we can't get any returns and we can't get any blocking!

anyone else notice this?

Special teams coaching is abominable , and why is Dressler on punt returns...... he's way too valuable for that crap.....GAWWWD

I don't recall ever having good special teams on returns. Our coverage is fine but our blocking schemes are non existant. I think that falls on Alex Smith's shoulders.

Alex Smith is useless, he always has been. He is only here because he is cheap.

Dressler should be on returns. You can't not play him because you are scared he will get hurt. If you play scared, you are playing to lose.

The problem is our returners are getting killed. Heard kept running outside and we would end up losing yards because of the holding penalties. Dressler runs straight ahead so it limits the penalties we take.

I think even with Tristan Jackson or Dorsey here they wouldn't get much yards.

Dressler is horrible on kick returns slow as molasses, but when he catches a pass in open field he runs like a Deer, get someone else to make the returns!

The riders are not dropping back fast enough to set up any wall for the returner to get throgh the first wave of deffenders. You are right about smith. I thought Marshell also helped out at the beginning of the season, but since he is ill now there is no help in that aspect. Maybe Smith should be looking at how other teams are getting great returns. There is plenty of game film I'm sur.

That's right, our punt return blocking is so bad that it wouldn't matter who returns punts as long as that player holds onto the ball and runs up-field.
I still think it's completely retarded to have our most electrifying offensive player on returns when there are guys like Brandon Browner on the field dying to knock our star out of the game......

Just a thought but couldn't we try Stu Foord on the returns?
What do you guys think?

Personally I hate seeing Dressler returning, I just think his energy & smarts would be much better served when the offense is on the field. It just seems he's doing a lot better running with the opposing defense (ie: running downfield) as opposed to trying to run through them.

I know Stu Foord isn't much bigger but he seems to be the type of runner that loves trying to run through opposing defenses, I just think it would be worth a try...On the other hand he has to be able to handle the kickoffs (catching them) & that could be an issue.

Our blocking on returns has been bad for quite some time IMO.

Doesn't really matter who we put back there, I don't think the catching would be an issue with Foord, he was real good in training camp catching passes. I don't think it really matters who we have blocking either, the blocking schemes Alex Smith are running are obviously not working.

If you look to the beginning of the year, Dressler was doing really well on punt returns and our punt coverage was the best in the league.

Losing Hughes hurt a lot. Losing Flick, Fantuz, and Dominguez meant that we had to find somebody else to return kicks, trying to save Dressler's energy for the offence. Brandon Lynch breaking his leg didn't help either.

Special teams are made up of the backup players. Since there has be absolutely no consistancy at any of our positions, there has been no consistancy on special teams as well, and their play has reflected that.

I don't mind keeping Smith around to coach the coverage team, but somebody has to step in and help out coaching the blocking and return game, because what we have now is awful.

The blocking was non-existent yesterday. Not sure what our guys were doing.

I have been frustrated with our special teams play for a long time now. The field position we give up every game really costs us and makes the job that much more difficult for the defense. I think that part of our problem with special teams is that besides not having a bona fide returner, too many of the guys that would normally only play special teams are also playing offensively or defensively and have lost a stride or two when it comes time to special teams coverage or blocking. It is something we will have to improve if we want to have a chance making it back to the CUP.

Prehaps we could put 2 players back to cover the kickoffs. One could then provide the lead block for the returner, or we could run a reverse. Maybe the onrush would slow down a bit. Realistically though we do need the players to drop back quicker to provide kick coverage for the returner. Catching the ball on the run might help too, instead of waiting for it to come to them. Also running north/south would help pervent a majority of the penalty problems during the returns.

While watching the game on Monday I was thinking the exact same thing. If we aren't going to use Stu in the running game then we should definitely have him on return duties. He moves really well laterally and also has an amazing set of wheels - remember back to his RB debut where he outran the DBs (who are generally some of the fastest, if not the fastest players on the team) on his receiving touchdown.

We also know that Stu goes balls out on special teams in the coverage game, so there is no reason to think that he wouldn't do the same on returns!
Lets throw Stu back there and atleast give him a shot. Maybe he will surprise us again and add to his TD totals.

Gotta give some serious credit to Alex Smith and Jamie Boreham for their gameplan tonight.

Seriously sick punting average into that ridiculous wind. I doubt they'll credit Boreham with special teams player of the week, but he sure deserves it for that effort. Those were some of the most difficult punts you could possibly try, and he performed to perfection.

Wow he ran up and kicked it...give alex smith a 10 year extension..good god it would take ONE guy to get through and block a punt and people would be saying how stupid it is to run up then kick it...Alex smith is not a genious he is not even smart..He has the IQ of a popsicle stick that has already been licked. BRUTAL

It was easy to see the Eskimos weren't going to block the punt, so it was a good decision and worked out really well. If Edmonton does run up and get close to blocking one then they could have changed the game plan.