What is with Don Mathews?

Why is it that "the Don" won't talk to the media? He always sends one of his players to do the half time interview. Wouldn't he, as the coach, want his players to concentrate on the remaining 30 minutes of football instead of talking to the cameras?

Maybe it cuts into his drinking time.

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He doesnt like to be asked stupid questions.

He's a crybaby.

When has he sent a player out to do a half time interview? I have never seen it. Mind you I missed halftime last night

maybe he is finally embarrased to be coaching the als. lol.

Matthews was like that with the Media in Vancouver in the 80's. I don't know if the media does it to him first, or he does it to the media first. I think its a bit of a game with him.

Hey Footballmad if anyone is is embarrased about coaching a team I think Doug Berry should be afte quating before the season that the Bombers would the team to beat in the East.

w.e at the beggining of the season in looked that way. amazing what injuries can do hey umaga. way to pay attention and catch onto a joke.