What is with all the Penalties

If you watched all four games this week, you saw 72 penalties called for a total of 795 yards! Many were questionable (holding on big returns, roughing the passer, pyramiding). This is becoming hard to watch. The refs it seems are deciding the game outcome instead of the players.


everyone makes excuses why younger folk aren't watching CFL. We blame the rouge. We blame the ratio. We blame length of challenges. We blame length of commercial breaks. We blame everything we can.

The answer is the officiating.

It is what makes this league appear pathetic to those who are watching for the first time (or first few times).

I'm guessing they are paying 1/10th what an NFL crew would make but that's the problem with our game.

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the penalties are MOSTLY called when warranted...the first and second game of the week was good not many flags are you trying to tell us that the Elk were unfairly treated? if so a beg to differ is warranted here.... 99.99 % were the correct calls on both sides on the latter two games and the pyramiding calls were questionable at best. But warranted also when you look at the rules. Same as the O-line with one man with a shoelace or fingertip just a hair over the line on an offside.

Wasn't Hamilton / Toronto the second game?

Have a look at the total penalties called .... and not surprisingly is the split in penalties - especially in the 4th quarter.

Lets not forget that the players are all Millenials or even Gen Z now. Which means that coaches can't instill discipline like in times past for fear of hurting players feelings. Heaven forbid a 300 lb D Lineman gets triggered by a bad word and a few extra laps.

Coaches now need to be softer or the players wont play for them. No discipline= no accountability = more infractions = more flags.

Start running the team until they puke, and serial offenders will soon be held accountable by their teammates.

A method that has been proven and reproven time and again since the Spartans were a power in the Mediterranian.

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The penalties for week 10 were as follow, Winnipeg/Montreal 11 for 117yrds. Toronto/Hamilton 21 for 248 yrds. B.C./Calgary 19 for 190 yrds. Sask/Edmonton 21 for 240 yrds. I am not talking about any one team or game, just a increase in penalties some of which the pbp folks were outright saying "that is not a penalty". To date this year there have been 6 games with more than 200 yards in penalties, 2 of them being this week. It disrupts the flow of the game.


I think there's a few places we can put the blame for the high number of penalties (refs, players, league rules), but I agree it IS a big issue that needs to be addressed.

Flags really slow down the pace.

Flags erase a lot of big plays (though, of course, some of those big plays happened because of the infraction that gets the flag).

But we need a better pace and more big plays to keep people interested.

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Could not disagree more ... If players acted like milenials they would be unreachable and uncoachable and have washed out of the football system in sandlot play.

When the jails are full they don't build more jails in Canada, they decriminalize. The CFL should take note of this and turn a blind eye to some infractions. Make sure the games are done in under 3 hours.

then u\we would see a plethora of actual LEGIT complaints of bad reffing...no doubt led by yourself whenever your team got hosed by a non call that "shoulda been called"... and all because today you feel different

Teams only practice 12 hours a week. What do you expect?

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What the refs need to do is think if the infraction has significant impact on the play or if it could have resulted in injury. If so, call the penalty. If not, let if go.


At no point have I ever complained about any reffing on the forum. Please feel free to search all my comments.

By their age they are millenials. By the infractions andconstant showboating, I'd say they're showing it.

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You do have to wonder if they have a system where they review a game and say hey ref you didn't call that ..... admonish so and so ...

because on every play I am sure they can find penalties .

Follower any driver on any road and you could charge them with an offence .

It's not the players it's the interpretation of the rules being very hard line .

NBA is street ball they want to see Lebron dunk and they don't care he takes five steps without dribbling .

NFL holds all the time on the line and the receivers battle for position with the DB and people want to see who is stronger who is bigger who is faster they don't care how they got there in the end ........ they only want the final result a great play .

They want fast raw action in football not total structured slow rule enforcement of golf .

I have been accused of sarcasm many times. My humour isn't for everyone.

Im ok with sarcasm. Im pretty twisted myself. But typing doesn’t always translate.

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Yes, I know, it is hard to to see at times but sarcasm is my middle name and my creed