What Is Up With TSN?

Like, do the people at TSN know they just signed an exclusive 75 million dollar contract with the CFL?

Because the amount of CFL coverage on their website and sports casts with the season only a couple of weeks away is underwhelming.

For some reason they seem to be infatuated with baseball, even though the only baseball TSN shows is the odd Blue Jays game. TSN won't broadcast other baseball because it does test pattern ratings. Yet its baseball all the time on TSN.

Then there's the NBA finals. I guess they cover it because they're broadcasting it. But nobody's watching. Nobody cares. So why give it such prominent coverage?

I just don't get where TSN is coming from? They actually beleive more people in Canada care about the Oakland-Minnesota baseball highlights, over what is going on in the Hamilton or Montreal training camps?

You figure they'd want to promote the upcoming CFL season to help get people excited. Instead they may add a CFL story at the end of the show. After the baseball and basketball and anything else that is going on down south. I just don't get it?

Haven't been watching much sports news lately but usually TSN has training camp reports. I saw one this morning on the Stamps and Lions camps on Sportsnet.

berezin99, It should be rather obvious why leagues that are currently active, are receiving more media attention than leagues that have only played one early preseason game.

This will change in the coming weeks as the regular season approaches.

While you might not watching these sports (neither do I) .. there are a substantial # of people that do.


I’m enjoying all the TSN Broadband reports. They’ve definitely increased the number of CFL videos this season.

the canadian TV ratings for the NBA finals are around 60K in the WHOLE COUNTRY…thats not substantial.

check baseball ratings in canada…not much better.

Yes berezin I have also noticed less training cup coverage then usual. In fact, years previous they would have the actual field reporters at the various camps reporting. Now what little there is, it is called "voice over" in the business when the video comes in from local other stations and the announcer inside or on the "desk" at" TSN does a 10-15 second clip. Brutal.
In fact, it was either last year or the one before when Glen Suitor was doing pre season reports from each camp.
This year it is very very quiet.
Like Earl has said, I have noticed more coverage on Sportsnet and now this will probably pick up even more with the signing of Perry Lefko.

As I've said in other posts, if you like or don't like the CFL coverage in your local paper, on a website, or on the tube, write in and tell them. The papers and broadcasters will respond to fans' feedback. It takes no time to write an online comment and it shows that there is interest for CFL content.

To make your life easy, here are a couple media outlets you may wish to contact:

Yah yah
The amount of CFL coverage ANYWHERE on TV is pathetic.
During the season or not.
Some sports channels do 15 minute loops of a package that briefly shows every sport and play it all night.

Most of the time the only CFL highlights a guy ends up seeing is:
A 10 yd td run,
and The winning field goal.

CFL coverage needs to be taken up a step in order for me to be satisfied.

A guy is better off watching local sports casts like on CTV or Global segments for local CFL info and highlights.

TSN should be giving reports from all the camps for sure, hopefully next week we will start seeing this, hopefully anyways.

Mr. Bigglesworth:
I have given up writing newpapers and sportwriters and networks about their lack of CFL coverage.

They just do not care. They have this mindset that there's the "4 major north American sports", and then the rest. The CFL for some reason is considered "the rest" category, so it gets minor coverage.

Thing is this "4 major north American sports" theory doesn't apply to Canada. Because nobody is going to tell me baseball and basketball are major sports in Canada, while the CFL isn't. Its the other way around.

And to the guy who said they are covering the currently active sports? Well, they sure are giving the NHL good coverage.

And for a league that gets test pattern ratings in Canada, the NBA sure gets alot of talk devoted to it. I ask why?

Until we get some real Canadians in the Canadian media, not these American sports worshippers, popular CAnadian sports are going to be ignored.

Amazing though eh, that in our own country what Canadians are interested in doesn't matter? The inmates are running the asylum.

berezin, we kinda of have to live with this. Yes, we can write and complain etc. but not much we can really do. It's like politics, I hear people complaining about this party and that party but then when you ask these people if they would run for office, they say no they wouldn't. Well, you can vote and have your say that way just like you can write to newspapers and such, but other than that if you don't own the paper or have a high position as editor or maybe even just a writer, you don't have a lot of clout. Democracy, yes, but as we all know, true democracy really doesn't exist in any part of the world.

I dunno if this applies, but I came across an interesting case study a couple years back.

A few years ago, WWE wrestling was immensely popular and was outdrawing many professional sports in viewership. The anomaly was that the price of advertising during a WWE show remained far less than that for professional sports. This is odd, because intuitively you'd think that the show that has the most people watching would be the most valuable advertising to businesses, would therefore be the most sought-after advertising time, and would hence have the highest price.

It was decided that the reason for this anomaly was corporate perception. Even though more people were watching, corporations either a) didn't want to target the demographic that was watching, or b) didn't want to be associated with the particular show's culture.

The CFL has always suffered from poor perception, whether by the general public, or advertisers. TSN could thus be taking in less money for commercials during CFL coverage, and they are thus less willing to show the CFL.

Cohon might have already recognized this problem, since he has cited "re-engaging corporate Canada", and "reconnecting with youth", both designed to change perceptions, as keys to the future of the CFL.

Oakland-Minnesota baseball highlights, over what is going on in the Hamilton or Montreal training camps?
I think one factor is TSN can get all the Oakland-Minnesota highlights they want for free, all professionally edited, including interviews, ect, just by flipping a switch. Then they just have to add their idle patter, just like stations in Cleveland and Albequerque do.

To cover CFL training camps they would have to send out camera crews, soundmen, ect, make phone calls to setup interviews, then they would have to write a script, do the voice overs, ect...actual work!...Rather than just clicking a mouse button and presto!, instant programming, to cram in around their ads. Sure its only baseball, but it's slick and cheap!!

They do it in hockey with mega overkill for 12 months a year Invader, so don't say about the cost and crews nonsense.

From TSN.ca :

TSN continues to raise the bar for football broadcasts in Canada with its most comprehensive CFL broadcast campaign ever. The 2007 Wendy's CFL on TSN season features a 50-game slate available for the first time ever on multiple distribution platforms - TSN, TSN HD and TSN Broadband. All 50 regular season games will air on TSN and TSN Broadband, with a minimum of 35 broadcasts televised in High Definition on TSN HD.

I say that they are making improvments. Don't you?

TSN is upping it.

Shultz is doing his Team by Team breakdown.

IF YOU ACTUALLY GO TO THE TSN.CA CFL WEBPAGE! it has a pre-season report for every CFL, that is actually rather long, shows all player out, in, Draft picks, QB situations and so on.

Yes there is a problem that TSN doesn't show highlights from different Training camps, but then they need to send out 8 groups/reporters.

I'd love to see a 1 Hour show on TSN weekly(say wensday) all about the CFL.
But ohwell, I'm in Winnipeg and I have my 15 min special Bomber show + 2H on the radio per week.

Not to mention all the local News coverage or updates daily(~5 mins per station daily)

Not to mention 2-3 Minute Camp videos daily breaking down camp.

There were atleast 3 Papers/Stations at Bombers camp on Sunday including the Score it seems.(likely FP, Sun and the Score)

TSN just signed a new deal yes, BUT THE DEAL STARTS NEXT SEASON!

the new Comish is here, BUT HE STARTED A FEW MONTHS AGO!

Why does everyone expect these major changes in 2007?
2008 is the year slated for big changes.
2007 is the cautious feeling out year for the SMS and Cohon, come 2008 things could be vastly different, hopefully including much more TSN coverage(longer pre-games, more post-games, atleast 1 weekly show starting Mid/Early May until Grey cup)

BTW, TSN has atleast 30 mins, possibly more then 60 mins of TC Videos on TSN Broadband.

It seems to be decent Coverage no?

24 videos like 4 games and then atleast 2 videos from each teams TC, with more going up every day.

It looks like the one of Jenkins in Winnipeg was done either today or yesterday.
Also the one of Copeland was today or this weekend.

NICE video too! Great site!

They added Danny Mac to the team too, now if only they could replace Climie, I'd say that would be major improvement. :wink:

Chris Walby for Climie in 2008!!