What is up with the Roughriders site?

What’s going on there in Regina, that on the day of their first preseason game, they STILL haven’t posted their roster on their web site?

What, do they have to wait for the wagon to roll into town with the travelling web designer?

Really, come on guys. Every other team is on the ball with this.

By the way, am I the only one with the “uncatchable menu” problem? On the Riders’ new site, if I highlight a section I wish to visit, the menu of that section appears about three inches higher than my cursor. If I move up the pointer, the menu disappear or it changes for the menu of another section.

Same thing happens on the Eskimos’ s website, but there, the menu stays visible for a second before disappearing so if I move the pointer really quick, I can catch the subsection that I want.

What’s with that? Hey Sportsmen, you are the real techie here. Care to enlighten me?

Try this: http://www.saskriders.com/player_bio.php

I have the same problem T&T. It seems like the prolem is not as bad as it has been, because before I could not even access the Players menu.

BigDave, I just checked the Rider site and the roster and depth chart are both there. I don’t know how long they have been there though.
I don’t like the Rider public site too much and don’t see why I should pay $40 to join the member site. If they would give a free preview of it I might be more willing.

Okay, perhaps it’s a CFL.CA problem, then. On the TEAMS page, they direct you http://www.saskriders.com/modules.php?n … he_players when you want to view the roster; and that’s just a mess of invisible pictures and dead links.

Third & Ten …Me a techie?..Wrong person. I still have to feed the gerbils to keep the wheel rolling on my power supply so I can type on here.

Ha ha ha…too funny!

What text size on your browser are you using. If you reduce the size the space between the links get closer untill you can reach them.

I dont know why you would want to visit the rider site in the first place but, hey its up to you. :wink:

Third And Ten. If your browser is Explorer 5.2 I am not surprised - it does all kinds of wierd things. If you are not using that browser, I don’t have any idea what the problem is.

I use Explorer 6 and it does the same to me.
Only solution was what I mentioned above

A number of people on Riderville had the same trouble, the solution is what was mentioned by ro1313.