What is up with the Lions

????????????? don't know what the heck is going on all i know is somthing is up with the lions! how do you go from a grey-cup win and 14 win season to this????????????? somthing is up that we don't know about yet???????????? keeps me up at night! despite being pissed off I'm going 2 bite my tongue about the dumbass rider fans who luv 2 crap on any team the riders beat this season! your chances of winning the grey cup again.........well i have a better chance of pickin up Paris Hilton at McDonalds! have more class riders and when you really deserve the win cheer when you stumble a win be thankful! youre makin yourself look stupid by crappin on every win!

Good points Hotlion..., they talk about people being childish and they go to opposing teams forums and gush about their team after a win. How tacky is that ? No class. Are the riders going 18-0 this year ? Do we go there and shove it in their faces when they lose ?

yup they stand on the soapbox over 1 western final win and a cup win over a brokendown team with a rookie quarterback and get all solid that they are the champs! hu! and you expect me to respect your win! sorry hell hasn't frozen over yet in B.C. You beat the Lions fair and square in the western final but realistically 5 out of the 8 teams would have been able to win that cup given the circumstances! It is a recorded win yes but the way the riders are acting..... well your just not that good! lucky yes! oh and don't give me the we won are first 2 games stuff! see you in Sept and see you at the final in November! come get sum! LIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why has no one brought up the play calling choices by the offensive coordinator? I listened to the game and was apalled at some of the plays being sent in from the sidelines. You have to work to any team's strengths and build your system around that - a junior level coach for any sport in any league that is worth their salt knows that.

Someone needs to look seriously at who is responsible for calling plays that simply are not working. I found it very disturbing that despite being in the lead, the Lions could give away the game to a team with a third string quarterback - they should be ashamed of themselves.

And despite having triplets and all, Rob Murphy needs to start thinking about his commitment to the team. I have kids and have had to travel as part of my job shortly after and definitely before their births - it was part of my job - Now Rob should be doing his. I am sure his wife has some friends and parents that can help out while Rob is tending to his work commitments. I know this will draw fire from the forum, but those are the facts as I see them.

Big Dog, you are right.

I thought when Jackson struggled in the first quarter, the Lions should have used Joe Smith more.

Not sure how effective Murphy will be travelling that distance if he even makes it to Winnipeg.

all insults aside some teams take longer out of the chute to get it together! Riders have something to prove as last years champs which means a standard to uphold as the champs! they don't want a loss but it will happen and it won't mean much! other teams have more room to make mistakes because it's expected! The Riders are watched under the microscope so to speak because several are waiting to pounce on them for thier first loss! nobody ever said being the King was easy! I wish All the Western Teams the best! And let's see a clear undisputed winner to represent the cup!