What is up with the Lions

I am very unhappy about the Lions play against the Riders. I cant believe they are 0-2 with a roster like they have. Come on.....Step it up Lions, do you want to win or not.

what did you expect against the grey cup champs.GO RIDERS GO :smiley:

Do you think the problem lies more with the Offense, or the Defense? Buck Pierce is injury prone...and, to be honest, Jarious Jackson doesn't seem to be getting it done either. So, who are we left with at QB? Zac Champion. Maybe he's the solution? Personally, I think it's time to open up another can of Quarterbacks. Maybe bring D.D. back into the fold. Go, Lions!

It looks to me like the offense is not in sync at all. Reminds me of the way the Argos offense looks right now.

I think the problem was and is the lack of a true training camp this year. All the rain in Abby and all. Last week in Calgary they couldn't tackle on defense. This week was much improved. I think though that the defense was gassed in the fourth quarter, because no one on offense was making any catches. I counted at least 10 dropped balls, multiples by Jackson and Simon that would have extended drives. The other thing is the kick coverage. Yikes. The fumble on the bootleg, and the other fumble trying to pick up the ball rather than just falling on it, were mistakes. And the long out that went way wide and the first throw too high. For the most part he was on target and the receivers dropped so many sure catches, it was maddening. But the pick... no way. Simon got his hands on it and should have had it. Buono shouldn't have pulled him in the fourth like that. Its not his fault that the guys couldn't catch.

On the bright side, the defense did step up really well last night. Great job by the line and backers most of the night. But after soooooo many 3 and outs and right back to work, you could see they were gassed.

I think that they also have to get into a good rhythm on offense, something they haven't done consistently this year so far.

Lions lost the game on offence, on defence, on special teams, and on coaching. Defence was solid for 3 quarters, then folded (or should I say, sunk to the level of the rest of the team). Offence had a couple of flashes of competence but otherwise looked like they didn't know what was going on. Geroy looked like he didn't want to be there from the start. Jackson looked like a nervous high school quarterback to start, found his groove, then lost it. Some terrible calls on offence (twice on 2nd and 2 they used a formation suitable for a goal line plunge from the 1... and the net gain was something like -11 yards). And why put Pierce in cold with a couple of minutes left; he'll be needed this year so why risk argrivating his shoulder.

The Riders were the better team and deserved the win. I sure hope the Lions can pull it together soon.

Is Geroy looking for greener pastures? Of all the guys who should have his head in the game, it's Geroy!

as I said in another post, it's attitude that has effected the team as a whole. Throughout much of the last 10 years the Lions have been the powerhouse of the league and even just brining there B game most nights would have them as the favorites to win ( I'm a rider fan - but that was the reality for much of the last 10 years, BC was the team to beat ). Things have changed. With greater team Parity throughout the league and solid GM's doing a bang up job of recruiting, most teams have good depth as well.

The Lions need to change the team attitude from expecting to win - to a desire to win. Ya I know some will say they do and this is not meant to start a flame fest. Look at the Riders for much of the last 10 years. It's as if they played expecting to lose. Now that attitude has been changed to desire to win. BC has the talent - they need to replace the attitude of Entitlement with an attitude of Hunger. No team in the CFL this year is going to be able to steam roll through. Every single team has the ability to go all the way so any night a team shows up expecting to win - there going to lose.

A win

The hunter has become the hunted. Instead of going after prey, they have become the prey!
Perhaps Wally can't do the job any more. Perhaps they need new blood leading the team. I mean, isn't that usually the first person to take a hit? A Coach's life is one of wondering when the shoe is going to drop. When will he get the "Call" up to the Office telling him his services are no longer necessary? The Lions must win in Week 3...or else Wally's life will become one of uncertainty and instability...

The defense looked good - especially the front 4. They were bringing it all night.

When the Riders changed their game plan somewhat after the half, Wes Cates started lighting it up. We were in it until the 4th, when we disintegrated.

I definitely think our problem was on offense. We struggled every 2nd down. I didn’t get to see the first game (was at a concert with my kids) but in this one it looked to me like Jarious was pushing it…going for too much. Instead of focusing on picking up 5-10, yards he went for the bomb. And Geroy was double covered, yet he still tried to thread the needle. It didn’t have to be the big play attempt…just chip away.

I think (hope) they’ll settle down. A few dropped passes that should’ve been caught (even Geroy had one that he’d normally hang on to). We’ve got to get better coverage on punt/kick returns…they had some good runbacks to give them great field position. Dresler I think.

McCallum looked good (thank God).

But we look rusty…gotta tighten up.

mowerman I know you guys in sask dig your livestock but du if you have an IQ more than 35 ( rare out there) B.C handed you 10 points off the line guess were the rest of your points came from! uh uh uh uh bc lions screwups! you won only cuz BC played 25% enjoy it! won't happen again!

Relax hotlion...some of these rider fans have to get used to winning - it's still new to them and they get a little excited. They'll learn to be gracious winners over time. And to celebrate in their own forum.

That's what happens when you enjoy too many gopher steaks at the dinner table growing up. The Rider fans have been loyal, so they deserved that Grey Cup. It will give them something to talk about until they win their next one in 20 years. GO LIONS!!!

mowerman I know you guys in sask dig your livestock but du if you have an IQ more than 35 ( rare out there) B.C handed you 10 points off the line guess were the rest of your points came from! uh uh uh uh bc lions screwups! you won only cuz BC played 25% enjoy it! won't happen again!
Childish very childish

Oh and one other point Hotlion77 its called winning the turnover battle why dont you increase your IQ before making such a lame statment this is not a forum for insulting people from other parts of Canada if you want to insult people go somewhere else

The Lions are befuddled and aren't using all their weapons. They need to get Smith more touches and then it would take the pressure off of the QB. As for the game, the Lions outplayed Sask for 3 quarters and then Cates took his team on his shoulders.

well said Bob

ya it probably is but so is dumping manure on a guys lawn and phoning in death threats when a kicker blows the game! you know the story! so if you want to be hipocritical clean up in your own back yard first! At least when the lions lose we get upset, not stupid! Everyone has a bad game or 3! kicking someone when there down is low! I should not have lowered myself to that level, but I will defend this team despite what someone perceives as an appropriate maturity level! The Lions are down but far from out! I hope that next time these teams meet it's on equal ground and may the best team win!

Their 3rd string Q.B. looked better than J.J. on this night.They kept it simple for the guy and our defence seemed to run out of steam in the fourth.He better get the cobwebs out of his head pretty soon or Wally will lose his patience.Come-on Shivers lets get some replacements lined up !