What Is TSN Doing With the CFL?

I thought I read that every game on TSN was going to be in HD?
Now I check their schedule, and of the last 30 games, 9 won't be on TSN HD?
In the last three weeks of the schedule, only 5 out of the 12 games will be on TSN HD?
Like, potentially the biggest games of the year will get second rate treatement?
What is TSN doing with the CFL?
Every Blue Jays game they show is in HD.
Every basketball game they show is in HD.
And of course the NHL is on HD.
So why isn't the CFL?
And check out the TSN website, and its getting harder and harder to find CFL news.
It seems they've decided to give baseball and the NFL the headlines.
All I can say is four more years to go until this TSN deal is done.
Then maybe Cohon can get what the league deserves.
Plus some respect in the process as well.

I'm not going to dispute or check anything you say here berezin. But maybe some of this, if your perception is right on this, has to do with the Argos & TiCats crapping this year and more people in Toronto area looking forward to the Bills and baseball playoffs and that.

I don't get your theory?
The people of Tranna are looking forward to baseball and the NFL?
Thats fine if TSN is a Tranna station.
But its a national network.
TSN should not be worrying about just Tranna and Hamilton.
If they do, they should only broadcast in Tranna and Hamilton.
Its obvious you must live in Tranna to have such an opinion.
But its ridiculous.
But when it comes to these supposedly CAnadian sports networks,
its probably true.
Its time to get these national netowrks headquarters out of Tranna.
Because these people think we care only about what interests Tranna.
But it don't work that way.

Look, I live in Hamilton and eat and breathe the CFL. Even if my TiCats stink, which they have been doing of course but are at least more entertaining. Anyways, I also do like the NFL and with the Bills starting 3-0 this year, I have to honestly admit that I’m looking forward to watching them more.
Now I have limited funds and the wife and me are going to be spending a thousand or so this year going to Montreal and the Grey Cup for a few days. And I won’t be going to the Bills game in Toronto or Buffalo. So if you’re implying somehow I’m a traitor because I want to watch the Bills this year a bit more, you’re off base. And a season ticket holder for 2 tickets to the TiCats for a number of years now and will continue to be for years ahead.

Take southern Ontario, a big market for the English population in Canada. TSN or any network has to try and cater somewhat to this demographic, don’t you think? Not exclusively of course but somewhat. Regardless if TSN headquarters is in T.O. or in Prince George.

What exactly is going on in the CFL right now that deserves a front page headline...?

Maybe Damon Allen appearing on the OTR yesterday?

Also according to their schedule, in the past 3 weeks, they have 5 games listed as NOT being in HD.
But they all were in HD.

So it might not turn out quite as bad as the schedule looks.

I've watched every game in HD this year thta I haven't been in actual attendance for. Is this really a problem, or is it just TSN not updating their website?

*edit: only game I havent seen was the MTL ESK on TSN2

and don't forget CTV shoving Playoff games to Saturday mornings / afternoons so they have Sundays uncontested to show NFL.

In Vancouver they'll be watching the Eastern game at the same time children are watching cartoons on other channels

No its not. Here's a screenshot of the tsn.ca homepage, at 6:30pm eastern, well after the early NFL games and the Als game are complete.


Yup, no CFL news anywhere.