What is this junk

Show me where it doesn’t meet the current rules and it’ll get handled. Right now it’s within the guidelines, whether you agree with the subject matter or not. And I’m not the only mod here, others have seen it too.

and why you are directly part of the embarrassment.

well done.

is that really for you to say?

actually, I have been retired for 25 years and am not well so really do not have much else to do

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Not necessary to play dumb about the current guidelines Mr. White.

Least I don’t go around dropping the f-bomb here. Good job there…

What has that got to do with the price of cabbage?

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yah, the f bomb is what is concerning.

your priorities are messed up. but to be a mod in this disaster you have to be a bit messed up I guess.

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What’s dumb about what i said?

Is that a personal shot?

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it's selective personal discernment.

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We have been over this before Mr. White. Your reasoning is faulty. The post is an embarrassment. You and your fellow Mods can keep nodding your heads in unison.
"Discernment". That's a really impressive 50 dollar word Mr. White.

Nah, looks like a personal shot to me

Nah, looks like Mr. White is playing dumb to me.

So you cannot answer the question and choose a personal shot as well, keep rolling here, I can do two bans for the price of one…

you so powerful.

bow down to the overlord.

heck, why don't you just nuke anyone who doesn't agree with you.

Were you a hall monitor in your younger years?

Havent you got anything better to do?

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I don't care if I get banned by an irresponsible Mod Mr. White. You are the ones who are supposed to be promoting the CFL to new and younger people. Your thread doesn't. I am so upset about the possibility of being banned by an incompetent, irresponsible, traffic-seeking Moderator. Really I am.

Ah you spot them when they are directed at you?

Again, direct me to a post you feel is an issue and I’ll deal with it. How can this request be so difficult?

Hmmm. 'CFL porn'.

What would THAT look like? :grin: