What is this junk

What the heck is this stupidity
I wait 16 hours post and wait again. Post wait again

If the powers that be think I am going to waste my time with this BS. Think again

It's our hazing ritual for new players! :thinking:
It used to be having to do something rude to a goat!


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Now it tells me only one imbeded file per post

This is just stupid. Add to it the disregard for the rules. IE personal attacks. Insults. Threads hijacked by posters and moderators!
Ask yourself why the site is dead

hazing should be forcing new members to read that twitter thread.


Yes Mr. Hammertown, I was going to suggest our friend post a comment on the "Twitter" thread. 3 responses every minute from Angry Old White :expressionless:.

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I wonder, how many is the max for new posters, during what frame of time, for how many days?

Can you direct me to these posts please? Flag them or otherwise let me know where these are.

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Is it possible to flag the entire 940 post twitter thread??

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or at least exactly 19% of it.

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The humour is flying now.

because it's an embarrassment to CFL football and this board.

If you can't see that, you are directly part of the embarrassment.

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I have pointed that out to Mr. White, but he doesn't agree with me. I mean, if traffic is what we are after here, let's have porn. Everyone watches it.

Ah, so your asking for selective personal discernment here. Don’t disagree necessarily but where draw the line? Sounds particularly dangerous.

I dont agree with you either. Why do you guys want to be killjoys?

selective personal discernment? are you high?

This is a CFL board for frig sakes.


Common sense and good judgement aren't dangerous Mr. White.

If you need to find joy in a thread like the one we are discussing, you aren't busy enough FYB.