What is this $HiT?

[quote="It's really deplorable what happened yesterday in the Old Port, images that are difficult to watch this morning," said the mayor of Montreal, Valérie Plante,

What a hypocrite she is....Rules state that you can be at an outside table with one person outside your bubble! She was seen Friday night with 6 people, none distancing, none wearing a mask2

But with that said, that is why I said restriction were relaxed too early

Makes her a typical politician.

"Do as we say. . . not as we do".

I have never been able to figure out if the politician's elitist sense of entitlement is something they are born with, or acquire later.


You did not accept her apology :wink:

Her upcoming political opponent also caught breaking the rules, and he's denying not apologizing.

Is there a politician who has not been busted yet?

Mayor of Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton
Ford and a whole pack of his cronies
Jagmeet Singh

The list goes on and on, all caught red handed, all violating the rules, none punished because dumb people forgive them and re-elect them

The Elite. Rules for you just not for them...


In my local city our police chief was also outed by news
Want to bet he did not get a Covid ticket?

It goes beyond elitism
The fact is majority of those in power knew their response to Covid was a farce
Seriously if any of them were really afraid do you think they would have broken the rules?

Hmmm. . . over 3 million dead worldwide, and it's a "farce"?

Highly educated well connected people ignore all restrictions
Everything from travel bans to quarantines to meeting up in groups
Not a single one has fallen ill or died

I will reword my original post to emphasize the farce is the response to the virus not the virus itself though

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Don't waste your time

I did not hear an apology! What I heard her say was.....See! Everyone needs to be reminded

What gets me is JdM asked 3 retired cops? Why ask cops?

I will say though that there is a small chance that is not him.

How dare we accuse him!

He was just replacing his phone after it fell out of its stand.

Gotta give him credit though for losing all that weight.

Its possible!
Her however, there is no story that she can make up to deny it

As with almost anywhere ... large crowd gathers to celebrate, to protest, to listen to bands, etc. and a certain segment of society see an opportunity to cause mayhem for their own perverse enjoyment