What is this fascination with the NFL?

You would think that someone has discovered a new drug or fun position, given the hype around my workplace about the NFL title game this weekend.

Now, I will grant I'm sometimes a little strange, but the absolute stares from the office staff when trying to sell me a square for the Superbowl were rather priceless, especially when I told them football season was over in November.

What a shame that anything Canadian is trash, and anything American is gold.

meh, i like football, furthermore, i likes ta eat while watching football... and after the grey cup theres no better yearly situation than the superbowl. I'll be watching the game, but i'll be paying more attention to the pile of food in front of us.

Re a CFL fan loving the NFL too, may i coin a phrase here? More is more. :wink:

I happen to think the CFL at its best is a more entertaining version, but there are virtues to both, IMHO.

Oski Wee Wee,

Love both. To be honest, I actually much prefer the NFL in the sense of how it is so the big time, has the most high profiled players, it's what the media concentrates on, the big stadiums they have etc. But, that being said, I love the CFL for what it is, Canadiana sports at it's best providing great entertainment value that is on our own soil with a great history. Just wish that the CFL was the NFL, not the rules as I don't really care that much about the rule differerences, just wish it was as big as the NFL and run like it, that's all, with all the American TV and media exposure. No slam at all to the CFL, actually, when you think about it, a professional football league in Canada that has actually survived! That is very surprising to me, pleasently surprising though.


I love both leagues, and I'm thankful that I can watch football in June up until February.

But if the CFL was as big as the NFL, Earl, do you think that it would lose some of it's "hometown" magic?

And next time you think Canada is full of NFL loving, CFL hating hype-riders, remember this:
The largest television audience in Canada every year is the Grey Cup, according to the Globe and Mail.

nfl is more exciting, less dropped passes and more first down. not as much watchen the ball be punted back and fourt after a 3 and out. i like the cfl but the nfl is way more supperior. many of u may dissagree but w.e


I prefer CFL over NFL and I like both.

This Super Bowl is going to be a great one. I think it will be better than last year's Grey Cup.

last years greyt cup was poop, the best 1 i seen so far was edmonton mtl,

Fascination with the NFL? umm the best football players in the world. Is it really that hard to understand.

Of course there is that little problem that if the CFL was as big as the NFL, there wouldn't be a team in Hamilton, and tickets to see the nearest team, in Toronto, would cost somewhere in the neighbourhood of Leafs tix. Oh, and it would be a one team league. :wink:

One can't deny that the SB is a big event for pure football lovers who can enjoy any NA type football league without prejudice or bias. I like pizza and I like steak and I like hamburger. It doesnt have to be either or.

IMO, those who deny themselves one or the other, just because it is not of their country or some other dumb reason, are truly sad. Those who truly only enjoy just the one league, are not true "football" fans. They are team fans, or league fans, or misguided patriots, but not real "football" fans.

I love the CFL and I love the NFL, as long as the NFL stays out of Canada that is.

Go Colts

One simple word!


I agree but marketing also has played a major part in the success of the NFL.

Do you think the NFL would garner the same ratings without the Marketing that occurs?

And the betting, and the fantasy leagues....

An Argo fan

I'm a huge fan of the CFL but a bigger fan of football. ANY football. Heck, I even watch the arena league because that is all there is at that time of the year. Last weekend and for the three weeks between the NFL and AFL I have and will go through football withdrawal.

This game today, I really don't care who wins, I'm just looking forward to an exciting game.

In terms of dropped passes and quality of execution, you're definitely right when it comes to the best teams in the NFL, the playoff teams. Watch a sample of any given regular season game and your opinion might change. You also have to consider the kinds of passes that are being lobbed around in Canada. A hitch pass up here can be as much as 35 yards long. Alot of the lightening quick action has to to with the fact that yes, opportunities open and close faster but at the same time, muscling for a 3 yard gain can be quite the feat in the American game, thus exciting, where here it doesn't mean much if its not a big play or at least a first down.

In terms of all the punting... this is something that crept into the CFL just this year and while true of 2006, with a couple adjustments, the CFL has the potential to field a much more exiting game than your average NFL game as has been shown in the very recent past up to and including the 2005 season.

-Live missed FGs
-Manditory punt returns
-Onside kicks from scrimmage
-Forced big-play football due to 3 downs

...are all aspects that American football will never have. If the competition committee can take care of the game such that we don't lose these aspects as we did in 2006, the CFL will always have a more entertaining game.

I dunno. I watched a lot of NFL this year. (and it was a terrific season)

There were lots of dropped balls. More than I remember form previous season.

As others I am a fan of many sports, football being one of them, so I do watch some NFL, and will be watching the SuperBowl. I don’t consider CFL to be the only game in town.

I can understand Barney’s frustration though. People at work who are not really football fans will get exited about the SuperBowl, but pay no attention to the CFL that is right in their own back yard.

Ultimately it’s their loss, and most educated fans know that the CFL has lots of excitement to offer.

I still remember when I was a kid (some 25-35 years ago), and we always got together with the neighbours to watch the Grey Cup, and we never even watched NFL football. The world has changed much since then, and I’m afraid marketting and advertising affects what a lot of people do, and how they perceive things.

As with every SuperBowl or Grey Cup, I will be hoping that the game is close, as it makes for much more excitement.

Enjoy the game!


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