What is this EMAIL?

Below is the URL to the final game statistics package for 2021 CFL Game #1, Hamilton vs Winnipeg played on Aug 05, 2021 . Game statistics are subject to further edit and analysis.

Please do not reply to stats@cfl.ca. For additional information please contact:

  • Steve Daniel: CFL Senior Director, Game Information & Statistics, (604) 952-5530, (604) 679-4845, sdaniel@cfl.ca
  • Lucas Barrett: CFL Manager, Communications, (416) 802-7852, lbarrett@cfl.ca
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It is a bit weird, eh. I got the same one . . . and there's no actual URL in the email.

It would be nice if we could see the final game stats a few days before the game is played . . . would help with placing bets. :football: :moneybag:


I state the obvious. Got to be some kind of technical glitch. Maybe they are planning on trying something new and improved.


New injury report for betting?

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Thanks for the thread. Thought it might just be my email going wonky, again.

Sorry, that was me - misfired a media-and-team-staff e-mail to the wrong audience in our e-mail communications platform. The documentation I was going off wasn't that great. Won't happen again!

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Its no big deal...just curious as to what it was

Are you working for the league again?

Just as an outside contractor; I'll guide and monitor critical technical things for the 2021 season until they get a replacement staffer or two in place.


Well this does sound like great news.

Not just after that mistake it sounds like they need the help, and it's hard to find good help these days and all that especially in this pandemic.

Roll on if you please.

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