What is this December 31 deadline mean?

what is this December 31 deadline mean?

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Any unused 2022 season Salary Cap can be used to sign players for the 2023 season if used before Jan.1st.
Players that were on the 6 game injured list, their salary for those games would be eligible
It could add up to over $100K++
So if Bo is signed before the end of Dec.31st for say $500K++
The team would/could use that $100K to reduce Bo's cap hit to $400K for the 2023 season, which gives the team an extra $100K++ to spend in 2023 on other contracts
There were a few players that were on the 6 game injured list,
It could add up to a pretty high number $
If that unused salary isn't used before Jan.1st it is lost


is there a guarantee that he will sign on Saturday?

NO, but we would still have exclusive negotiation rights until Feb. 14th
If they don't use the unused Cap on BO,
I would hope they re-sign some top players before the deadline and save cap to sign Bo before Feb.14th


Cap space is Cap space, no matter who you use it on
You gotta use it or lose it before the deadline



The biggest Ticat news this week is Simoni is going to be on the CH Countdown to 2023 tonight. Maybe he’ll bring Bo Levi’s new contract for show and tell.


If this league had a clue.... They'd just make the fiscal year coincide with the best time for teams to market signings.

Why can't the league (salary year) end be January 31st? As long as it's prior to free agency I don't see the issue.

Many businesses don't operate their fiscal year from Jan to Dec.

Players have already been signed and not announced across the league. It's silly.



League-wide Transactions is officially over for 2022. Nobody re-signed any of their pending free agents at the last minute. In fact, there were 0 roster moves of any kind during the last two days.


I find it difficult to believe that NO team made any signings of their pending Free Agents using the unused Cap money as a signing bonus.

I have the feeling that there have been many signings, but for some reason, there have been no announcements of them. Over the past few years, there would be announcements almost every day. This feels strange...

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Lol. Right. The league isn't fooling anyone.

The CFL. Where it's 1985 every day.

If there were signings, which involved unused '22 cap dollars, I'm sure they would have to have been registered, with the league, by year's end and would have appeared on the transactions list. If not, that would suggest clubs could just back-date any contract, signed early in the new year, to apply available '22 cap dollars.

The Tiger-Cats appear to, pretty much, be following their usual pattern. Last year in December, the club signed 6 (of 16) players who were free agents, having finished the season on the team's Practice Roster, and also signed 3 newcomers -- 2 NAT / 1 AM.
Between their season's end, on Nov 6/22, and yesterday, in addition to trading for BLM's rights, they've re-signed 4 (of 11) players from the P.R. , a '22 draft pick, and 3 newcomers -- 1NAT / 2 AM.

These numbers are registered signings, not necessarily announced, by the TiCats, at the time.

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You're making an assumption that it's relevant that the league's transaction page and free agency tracker are up to date and accurate. Strong assumptions. Last year we couldn't even find out if Ciante Evans was under contract for months.

Salary cap info isn't published anywhere, so a signing from Dec 20th could say Jan 21st on the transactions screen and it wouldn't matter.

I think what many have been hoping/expecting is an announcement of a BLM signing - especially if Orlondo (the Prez) assigns a lot of unused Cap money as a signing bonus. We don't see very many announcements of pending FAs (IMHO PR re-signings don't matter all that much) from ANY team.

The only "news" I see on 3DN is more whining from Roid-Boy, fluff pieces about a QB who played one season and was benched for the GC winning Collaros, and the like.

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I do believe the transactions page is accurate, and up to date, except for occasional instances, probably of human error, I've noticed over the years it's been available to fans.

I don't view the free agent tracker as being an official listing and don't count on it being kept up to date.

Ciante Evans was listed, on the transaction page, on January 19/22, as having signed a contract extension:
|2022-01-19|HAM|EVANS, Ciante|DB|A|Nebraska|Add To|Active Roster|

If my memory is correct, the club, for some unknown (at least to me) reason, chose to not, or just failed to, announce that until early May.


I get it, but i'm sorry you're going to have a really tough time convincing me that no team signed anybody of any substance with unused cap savings in the past week or so. It just logically makes zero sense. Unless of course the teams are colluding to lower the cap without actually lowering the cap.

Rourke to make his announcement today.

don't be shocked if he's toying with everyone.

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I hope he plays one more season in the CFL and springboards to the NFL next year.
In my limited exposure to him I think he can be the most exciting QB since Flutie.


I don't think he would make a CFL announcement without Farhan or Naylor knowing about it. There's no conceivable way he signed a CFL contract and nobody knew. (Because of his contract situation)

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