What is the worst rule in all of football?

Current Rules Only
  • The Rouge
  • The Fair Catch
  • The Touchback
  • The out of bounds fumble in the end zone (NFL)
  • The downed ball after a punt
  • The Canadian starters rule
  • Other (comment)

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This is just off the top of my head. I know I've left quite a few out. For what it's worth I vote for the Touchback. And of course I'm biased towards the CFL, which I believe is superior to mostly boring NFL games.


I’m with you on the touchback. Almost n ver see a kickoff return anymore in the NFL. They need to move scrimmage back on kickoffs to the 20 yard line or just not bother with them at all. Most times it’s a complete waste of time - just allows them to sandwich more commercials around touchdowns


partially the rouge but only where the ball is unplayable, as many have said before.

also marking off penalties as half way to the end zone. I think every such penalty should be marked of at the one, in both leagues.


Went with the downed ball ( NFL ) after the punt the surrounding the ball and touching it without the offence being forced to take possession of the ball is just so bad on so many levels .

It's weird watching large grown men do that non athletic move . Something unsportsman like quality to it . IMO .

It's also a boring concept for the viewer watching it .

An example where our game thru rules is a good product and with more tinkering on speed and set up can make it even better for the viewer watching .

The NFL claims the Touchback is about player safety, but any player can take a knee at any time, so I'm not buying it. Let 'em take a knee in the end zone and start on the twenty if they don't want to return it.
I have tried to enjoy this years playoff games I really have, but the Touchbacks, downed punts, fair catches, and that really stupid end zone fumble rule are getting in the way.
I REALLY miss the CFL.

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There’s be nothing safer than just giving the other team immediate possession at their 20. And stop wasting our time with pointless kickoffs through the end zone

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Agreed, but if they want don't want to eliminate kickoffs entirely then the rule should be made relevant. As it stands now it's nearly pointless as there are only a handful of TDs scored on kickoffs in an entire NFL season. It's something like one every 42 games. If it was only about player safety the rule would been canned long ago.

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I edited the poll to fix a mistake and it reset the results. So please vote again.

I have to vote Rouge despite it being a long standing tradition.

One question I am curious about; pre-1956 a touchdown was only worth 5 points.

Why did we change it to 6? Copy NFL or?

Timing rules in the NFL.

Outside of 5 minutes in the 4th and 2 mins in the 2nd, why does the clock run when the player goes out of bounds.

Why not keep the timing consistent.

The clock runs on plays out of bounds in the NFL as you describe? Since when? I've been out of North America for some years now and have only watched CFL since then.

While I don't like 40 seconds rolling off the clock without playing, strictly speaking, the NFL had more consistent timing rules than the CFL which completely changes its timing rules under 3 minutes in each half and otherwise arbitrarily runs 10 to 20 seconds off between plays before the referee whistles the 20 second clock in. The CFL also ran the clock down outside the 3 minute warning on convert attempts.

Can someone remind me what that is please?

The game on Saturday, the RB reached out with the ball to try to get it across the goal line. He fumbled into the end zone and it went out of bounds, instead of it being first down on the 1 yard line it was ruled a touchback and the other team took possession.

I seem to have the idea that a TD went from 5 to 6 so that a converted TD was 7 points, one more than two FGs. Or in other words, scoring a TD would bring you level with two FGs, and the convert put you ahead, sort of recognizing that going for a TD to be a more difficult endeavour than a FG from distance?

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Holding, seems to be called on O linemen every series of downs. Let em hold!! coach the defensive player on how to get out of a hold, we would see more offense for sure.

I believe they (NFL) changed the timing rules back in 1990 to speed up the game. A player goes out of bounds the clock will stop only for a short time and the referee will wind it in before the ball is placed on the line of scrimmage.

Seems like teams don't hurry to the line in between plays with the 40 second clock.

If you're up by more than 8 points with 2 mins left and the losing team has no timeouts left, you can take 3 kneel downs and game over. Lot of time wasted near the end of each quarter.

I don’t like the NFL rule that allows teams to “walk off” with time still running down on the clock for the end of a quarter or the 2 minute warning (actually also a pointless rule). I prefer the CFL rule that requires plays to be run. I realize it really makes no difference, but still, it annoys me.

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Yeah that is what though you meant, to be honest I have zero problem with that rule

Again, to be honest, I dislike the “break the plane” rule where the player reaches out with the ball, “breaks the plane” and scores. Don’t know what it should be, maybe possession of the ball and the player himself in the end zone.

I thought the ball bouncing away on the RB, and then out of bounds for no score looked good on him. First and foremost, maintain possession.

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Do you know what the dumbest rule in football is? Even thought I have never seen it applied.

After a safety touch, the options to the scoring team are to:
(a) Scrimmage at their own 35-yard line,
(b) Accept a kickoff from the 25-yard line of the team
who conceded the safety touch.
(c) kickoff from their own 35-yard line

Why would anyone choose option C? Why would I kick off to you?