What is the WORST change in the CFL this year?

What do you guys think has been the worst change in the CFL this year? I have put together a few options but if anyone has any other ideas I'll consider adding them.

replay system
new rules on special team blocking
training camp too short
lack of big plays

Inconsistent refs.

While that may be worse this year it’s hardly new unfortunately.

the worse thing is that the cfl doesnt have a 10 team league, with a franchise in Quebec City and Ottawa. Halifax is too far away to have a franchise, and Quebec City and Ottawa are perfect for the rivalry with montreal it would be beautiful to have la belle province with two teams. Could you imagine how much drinking and partying would go in if they hosted a grey cup in Quebec City.

definitely the first choice, only one return for a TD at the half way point of the season is ridiculous.

Kick Returning... End of story.

football theme

I second that, that's gotta go back to the old way.

Yup,Gotta go with that one! :roll:

Well, I don't know about you guys, but I think the suspending of the Renegades was pretty bad. . .

But seeing as that was obvious, it has to be the returns. I love seeing a good return! And there has been so little this year. . .

the return thing is a bit of a popular misconception in my opinion … its not like we are seeing successful TD kick returns being called back because of a blocking penalty … certainly their is more caution whilst blocking, but the fact remains … these returners are not ending up in the endzone, and i put that more on the returners than the blockers.

Worst thing to happen to the CFL this year, is the instant-replay. The camera angles have a tendency to be crap anyways and not always helpfull, and it just extends the length of the game … something most CFL fans complain about when discussing things they dislike about the NFL. I dont think its a TERRIBLE thing … I just felt it was unnesisary, and brings more bad than good. Being able to cancel your challenge after watching it on a jumbotron is also retarded.


The blocking rules and replay is a tie for me.

I agree about the blocking. Its not the rule change that has stopped return touchdown at all. There have been many penalties on kick returns but only 1 TD has been called back because of a penalty. There were far more last year.

While I am in favor of the replay I also agree that watching it on the jumbo-tron an making a decision as to challenge or not is dumb. It give an advantage to the home team because well all know that they will not play it to show the home team really fumbled.

I say the worst change was having the Als go from a winning streak to a losing streak. I'm all for reverting to the old way of doing things...

Did Chris Cuthbert read this thread?

He just said, on the Wpg-Tor broadcast (after the Toronto TD, to put them up 16-15, was reviewed), that he read a poll on cfl.ca asking what the least favourite change was - and he said that no one had voted for adding instant replay. Well, there's this poll, and there's this one - http://www.cfl.ca/modules.php?op=modloa ... =0&thold=0 - but it's not quite the same, and this one (here in the forum) has much closer to zero people (one, anyway) voting against instant replay.

Did anyone else notice this? Personally, I think there's a pretty good chance Cuthbert's reading these boards ...

yeah i heard that too. but so what if he looks at the forum i bet alot of players and coaches do.

That would be cool if he was quoting my poll! I was at the game so I didn't hear his comment.

And yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of players/analysts browsed these boards.

My getting rid of the kick convert was meationed in the Edmonton Sun as well.

Ro: there have been so few TDS fro kicks, was that like 1 out of 3?