What is the up to date news on this years Grey Cup

I may have missed - but I haven't heard too much out of Winnipeg on this years Grey Cup - usually by this time every year we have heard that the venue is sold out - or is close to it - if you have an update - thanks for passing it on

grey cup? what grey cup? what is this grey cup?

maybe they busy planning for this instead

[url=https://www.google.ca/search?q=festival+du+voyageur&rls=com.microsoft:en-CA:IE-SearchBox&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0CEcQ7AlqFQoTCK6fwK3e28YCFYFdHgodrGoC4Q&biw=1024&bih=622]https://www.google.ca/search?q=festival ... 24&bih=622[/url]

I once played football at this festival, in a snowsuit and mukluks. Loads of fun

It is selling OK I guess - but there are a lot of upper deck, corner and endzone seats left. I just copied this off Ticketmaster with pricing shown. (Add $14 per ticket to price shown as those are added as ticketing fees).

One side of the stands


The other side


Just a complete scam!!!!!!!...
In 1991 I went to the Grey Cup in Winnipeg and our tickets were 99 dollars each..

[url=http://www.bankofcanada.ca/rates/related/inflation-calculator/]http://www.bankofcanada.ca/rates/relate ... alculator/[/url]

Accorrding to the above website, that 99 bucks is now 150 bucks. The exact same seat at this years Grey Cup is 349 dollars. This is a ripoff by more than 100 percent!!! Just a joke. I will attend the Bomber game this year in Vancouver.. Other than that.. SCREW YOU CFL!!! I am not attending your scam rip off events. Give me 51000 seats at 200 bucks instead of this farce with 40K but tickets costing more than double that.. What a joke.. Plus it limits the number of out of towers who will come and thus destroying the BS that the team is bringing revenues into the city when the team wants a free new stadium.

Actually.. now that I look at the map again.. I see that my seats were actually better than the ones that are going for 349.. We were about 5 yards deep in the end zone about 20 rows up

Yeah with ticket prices what they are, it very quickly becomes a $1000 + trip. Can't justify planning that when I don't even know if my team will be in it.

learn grasshopper, learn

[url=http://ungerecon.weebly.com/uploads/2/0/8/8/2088048/essentialgraphsformicroeconomics.pdf]http://ungerecon.weebly.com/uploads/2/0 ... nomics.pdf[/url]

of course the corporate tickets are all sold already to scalpers…lmao

I'm sure everyone who would have sat near you is excited they don't have some guy spewing negativity all around them the entire game instead of enjoying himself.

Why do you even bother on this forum? Clearly you have nothing positive to say about the league or game. You only seem satisfied when you bring others into your own negativity.

The game will sell out and everyone will have a great time.

Agreed. Tickets are too much. $500 for 3 hours of entertainment for two people would be a pretty stupid decision on my part.

how much would you pay to see your favorite singer/band/performer in concert?

I paid 350 in 2013 and don't regret it for a second. The Grey Cup is an awesome event, go enjoy yourself.

It is a great event and compared to a lot of sports championships, still a modest price. The problem is I think that as the prices have jumped (and ticket fees unfortunately), especially from the 100th Grey Cup and on, I would wager that more people hold off on paying the new ticket prices until things start to sort themselves out as to which two teams you may possibly be watching. It's easier to pay $99 to see two teams play that you're not particularly fond of, but at $350-500 each? I think fewer people are willing to make that commitment when you factor in all the other costs like travel and accommodations.

For a once per year true institution and only Canadiana left, these prices are very reasonable.

It's going to be really freakin' cold and it's going to feature a team from Ontario playing a team from Alberta....


Yup, it sure will.
Toronto vs Calgary :smiley:

Paying 2 dollars a minute to freeze your ass off.... Idiots really...lol

Every 3 seconds you are paying 10 cents... If you were paying at an old school dime machine.. Basically as fast as you could get the money into the machine for 3 hours straight

Way to early to make predictions.
But my crystal ball keeps showing black and yellow colors.

In Winnipeg , cold is not the problem. It is the wind. The new IG Field will not be as big a problem as old Canadinns as the roof configuration and the below ground field will for sure cut down any major wind problems.

Anyway, Winnipeg has always done a great job hosting the GC and they will again this year.


Usually it’s not that cold by the end of November. Minus 10 would be the number I would bank on. Which isn’t bad at all . Unless your a softie :smiley: