what is the ufl???

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The UFL is a new American football league that is supposed to start in 2008 featuring eight teams in the US and Mexico.

From Wikipedia:

The United Football League is a professional American football league being organized by Bill Hambrecht, a Wall Street investor and former minority partner in the USFL's Oakland Invaders, and Tim Armstrong, a senior executive at Google. It is planned to debut in August 2008. Mark Cuban, owner of the NBA's Dallas Mavericks, has agreed to purchase a franchise for $30 million - reportedly in Las Vegas. Teams are already being set up in Las Vegas, Mexico City and Los Angeles.[1]. San Antonio and Orlando are being considered for franchise locations.[2]

The league, which is still in its infancy, plans to play its games on Friday nights, which would put it in conflict with many high school games. Mark Cuban is currently the only owner that is lined up for what is expected to be an eight team league. Cuban has said that he believes that the league will fill its rosters with quality players that go late in the NFL draft or as undrafted free agents, or players that are released by NFL teams.[3]



And don't forget about the other new league supposedly starting up in 2008 -- the All American Football League (AAFL).

From Wikipedia:

The All American Football League, scheduled to begin play in March or April of 2008, is a professional American football league in which all players must possess a four-year university degree. The players will be employees of the AAFL, not the franchises, and the league will pay each player an average of approximately $100,000 per year. This level is thought to be the most generous of any existing non-NFL league and is designed to attract the best non-NFL talent.
The All American Football League is a professional American football league. The league, which combines a professional pay structure with the requirement that all players be college graduates, was scheduled to start in the spring of 2007, but has announced a postponement until the spring of 2008.