What is the Theme for This Offseason?

Last year, we were all excited about the new GM, the new coach and new beginning. Now that we've seen that play out and we've been through rebuilding offseasons for the last 5 years, I'm really not sure what phase we are in right now. Is it tinker and refine, clean house or just try harder? I'm out of ideas and totally baffled. I won't even try to speculate as to what the focus will be this offseason.

Dont hate us for losing

It cant get any worse

Its all uphill from here

What else is there to do in Hamilton

We have survived

Players have to eat too

Hmmm.... I like this challenge. What's the theme>

For the Season Ticket Holders- it's the theme from 'Exodus'.

For Bob- it's the theme from 'The Godfather'

For the person chalking up our wins - "Never on a Sunday"

For Scott Mitchell 'theme from "The Terminator"

This could go on and on (but it's a lousy thread hijack)

No it's a fun thread. At least I'm having fun. I hope the following professionals don't take it too hard and see the lighter side. How about.....
Taaffe - Three Dog Night's "One" (Is the Loniest Number)
Bob - Judy Garland's "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"
Scott Mitchell - CCR's "Fortunate Son"
Marcel - Linda Ronstadt's "You're No Good"