What is the story on Rashaun Woods???

Is the thread saying he was released true? He still appears on the CFL online roster. Are there any newspaper stories about his stint with Toronto? I'm an Oklahoma State fan (Rashaun's college team) and have been following his frustrating pro career ever since he graduated. He dominated in college and other than nagging injuries, I can't figure out why he can't find success as a pro. If he was released, what in the world happened??? I'm afraid if that's true, then it might be the end of his football career, because he has had repeated chances to make something happen and it has never worked out. Please tell me he wasn't really released.

According to the Argonaut official website Woods was released August 6. The Argos have a lot of WR's in camp and with a couple coming off the injured list somebody had to go.
Woods had 3 or 4 catches in his first game, but they were all quick outs. Short passes to give him some confidence and get his feet wet probably. His second game he couldn't seem to get any separation from the coverage and I don't believe he caught a pass.
His stength is probably the long ball, but with Bishop injured the Argos weren't throwing too many deep passes.
Woods looked a little shy in the heavy going which is probably why the NFL let him go. But he could still be brought back if an injury occurs I suppose. We'll have to wait and see.

I have been following the CFL for 25 years, & it still baffles me how players such as Woods come in & be cut without any explaination.

He comes to Toronto, has a couple practises & is allowed to start ahead of other "non-import" veterans. That would lead me to believe that he is highly thought of & has a bright future with the Argos.

After a couple games where his quarterbacking is poor, he gets axed. What kind of opportunity is that? Did he asked to be released?

In this market it seems only the Maple Leafs can get the media to cover every transaction until nausiaum .

OC Buratto was on the radio yesterday saying that "Woods just didn't have it" Meaning top speed, drive, catching, etc. Other recievers have stepped up like Cdn Cetoute and Murphy. The Argos injuries helped keep him around but as players come back, releasing Woods became an easy choice