What is the silliest thing you've heard at a Ticat game??

In the nature of a having a little fun around here, I was curious to know that the silliest/most unsavvy thing you've ever heard at a Ticat game...

I heard 2 of them this game.

One was "You have to go for it in that situation" it was 3rd and 2 on our side of midfield and we were up by 1 point.

The second was....wait for it...

"That number 16 really s*cks"

"That will be fifteen fifty please."

Beer concession staff

Oh, "silliest" thing. Sorry, I thought it was "scariest".

does stupid count too?

“Anthony Calvillo stinks!”
-unkown Cats fan

Killlllll that BoreHam. :lol: :lol:

The guy infront of me who yells "No Yards, No Yards" on KICKOFFS! And then calls the QB and IDIOT!

Has to be the a roughrider fan say" The Tigercats stink worse then this city does!" Words sometimes come back to haunt people .These ticats do not stink, and second we havent even started yet! :wink:

Mine would have to be...


I must have laughed for 10 minutes about that.

Also there was a young Asian man carrying two beers, wearing a green T-Shirt that read "Trust Me... I'm Irish" and was walking to his seat 2 rows down from me and this drunk guys behind me stands up a yells...


Our whole area started cracking up and so did the young Asian man.

The funniest thing I've heard at a home game recently? That's easy.
"I think we're going to win." :lol:

years ago a man 3 or 4 rows behind me started calling "hey, mike! MIKE!! UP HERE! MIKE! sam! over here, sam! joe! joe! come on, there has to be somebody down there named joe!"

"Start Brady"

"Start Jones"

"Start Williams"

A few years ago (when I had seats in box J), a Rider fan was coming up the aisle with two beers in his hand, a very large Ti-Cat fan yells to the Rider fan "hey..rider fan" The guy looks over at him somewhat shaken....then the ti-cat fan says "have you got any wheat?"

It may not sound like much but I laughed my ass off and so did everybody within earshot.

Even the rider fan laughed.....

if that was last game it would come from my brother, was being said around section seven and on the way home towards subway.

After a few bad plays

"Put in (insert backup QB's name here) !!

Sometimes the name is pronounced wrong.
Sometimes its a QB that's not on the team anymore

And when that player inevitibly does worse than the starter "it's not his fault"....then continues to do worse..

then "put in(insert third stringer's name)"

Going on close to thirty years.

During the broadcast of Saturday's game I overheard some guy calmly say off mic "Saskatchewan S*cks" when there was a lull between the commentators. This was when the Ti-cats where still struggling early in the game. :?

Go Leafs

After the so called fumble at the end of Sask game some guy named Terry with a horrible mullet stood up and screamed:

"Hey Cates, why don't you take up a new sport...LIKE KNITTING."

He then proceeded to shotgun the can of pilsner in his hand.

"Put in Jimmy Chang!"

Heard at last year's Labour Day game.

"Hey Chang, you throw the ball just like Montana........Hannah Montana" !!!

I have two close ones:

  1. The funniest thing I've heard was at a Cats and Argos game way back in the Rocket Ismail days.....Toronto (The 1st place team in the CFL) was trailing by like 10 points and had just scored a TD on Hamilton (The last place team in the CFL).

After the TD to pull within a field goal, this group of Argo fans started chanting "We're number 1! We're number 1!"

This guy stands up and says, "Yeah, and you're gonna lose to number 9!"

It was hilarious. Even the Argo fans started laughing.

  1. A close runner up would be when we had the old scoreboard/videotron....the ref made a bad call and somebody yells out (while pointing at the good old scoreclock), "You can clearly see on the replay that you blew the call ref!" We were close enough to the field that even the ref cracked a smile. It was pretty funny.

Man there are some good ones on this list!

My favourite is a guy who sits behind me in Box K who likes to yell at the cheeleaders "We want your mothers!"