What is the rule on in bounds catch of football?

Last night Montreal was awarded a touchdown in the third quarter when the receiver only touched one foot in the end zone before he went out of bounds. He was in full stride and had possession of the ball but his other foot landed out of bounds as he was running. I am sure I have seen other plays in the past where the refs disallowed a touchdown because the receiver failed to keep both feet in bounds. Did the refs blow this call or is there different rules for different situations?

Nope, the call was correct.

Unlike the No Fun League, CFL receivers need only have one foot in bounds.

Ya but with control of the ball
Obvious but needs to be said

What If A Player Jumps Up Catchs The Ball (Has Control) And Comes Down With Both His Feet Touching The Ground At The Same Time But One Is In Bounds And The Other Is Out? Would It Then Be A Catch Or Not.

It would be a headache and a controversy, is what it would be.

My guess is that they would rule it out. You're considered out of bounds as soon as you touch the sidelines, so if both feet land at the same time, then you would be considered out of bounds at that moment, regardless of whether the other foot was in bounds or not.

That's a guess, but that's how I'd call it if I were a ref - not like that's ever going to happen.

You only need one foot to be in bounds. The simultaneous landing on both feet, with one out and one in, is quite a question. I am sure there is a ruling for that. If it is not obvious which foot landed first, maybe the player is given the catch. We can easily check the rule book on this one.

just to add to this...if a reciever is in the air and is pushed out of bounds in mid air , it can be ruled a catch if the ref thinks he would have landed in bounds without the push/hit....

Who freakin knows what the hell the refs are going to call on a play like that but odds are they will get it wrong. Especially if its the Lazaruk crew

OKay, I Thought It Over While That One Winnipeg Reciever Was Arguing With The Ref About His Catch In The End Zone, Witch Was Clearly Not In Bounds. I Look At It The Same As When A Player Is Running Down The Sideline, If His Foot Is Half On The Line Then He Is Then Out Of Bounds As It's As Soon As The Any Part Of The Foot Touches The Sideline, So I Guess I Agree With Pretty Much The Same Thing As What All Of You Guys Are Saying.