What is the Rule on Import players?

Just wondering if there is a limit of players a team can have that are Imports. ALso, how does the Import player thing work??

CFL doesn't actually have an official release on ratio or SMS available.

The ratio is 20 non-imports 19 imports and 3 QBs.

SMS & roster, best like I've found is from CFLPA:


The position of the player also has a big impact.

Starters basicaly break down this way.

Quarterbacks: Aren't included in the ratio: 100% Americans

Kicker/Punters: 3 are Americans 7 are Canadians. Americans have to be able to punt and kick

Receivers: 75 percent are Americans. most teams use 3 imports and 1 Canadian, 2 in 5 receiver sets

Running backs: 95% or starting RB are Americans 95% of fullbacks are Canadian Most backup RB are Canadian and contribute on special teams

Olinesmen: 85% are Canadian some teams use an Import at tackle position (mostly left).
Linebacker: 90 or MLB are Americans. OLB are about 50/50

Defensive linesmen ,Defensive backs and safety: 70% American 30% Canadian

Backups usualy Canadians have an advantage especialy if they can contribute to cover, kicking teams or as long snappers.

These numbers are just my best estimate. There are exceptions...

Best advice to a young player who isn't a QB or Kicker is to come prepared and work hard on special teams.