What is the plan for the Hall of Fame today ?

Was just wondering what the plans are today for the Hall of Fame inductees ? Any chance for the public to meet them at the Hall today ? Just heard a Bobby Jurasin interview on the Fan 590 and he sounded pumped !!!!

Geez even the mods dont know ??

There is the HOF dinner tonight with all of the inductees in attendance. You are able to personally meet all of them if you have bought a ticket to the dinner along with an extra VIP ticket as well. Outisde of that I am not aware of any other venues today. (Yesterday was the golf tournament.)

Isnt today when they get inducted at the Hall ?

I believe it is as well but could not see anything on the HHOF website to indicate that. All that is mentioned on the site is the golf tourney and the dinner.

Here is the link for the Hall of Fame.



There is stuff going on all day today at the hall.
You didn't look close enough!

The guy is just trying to help and all you can do is slam him. Nice move.