what is the most important position


Clearly, the author of this POLL has ZERO CLUE concerning what the game of FOOTBALL is all about.

There is absolutely NOT, any ONE position which is MORE IMPORTANT than another. FOOTBALL is, truly, the PENULTIMATE team game. Without EVERY PLAYER doing their job, and EXECUTING, as designed, their assignments - no football team can even HOPE to be successful.

Sure there are a couple of positions which get an inordinate amount of attention ... but they certainly are NO MORE IMPORTANT than those whom go unheralded.

This is just a DUMB question.

The SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT /ACCOUNTABLE person for a TEAM's success or failure is the HEAD COACH. Everything stems from his decisions and his planning and his preparation. NO COACH, NO GO.

A GREAT COACH can make up for plenty of personnell deficiencies. For crying out loud, Trent Dilfer has WON a Superbowl ... that should say it all.


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Yes every position is important, but q.b is by far the most. Anyone who disagrees has obviously never played the position in a real football game, it is by far the most stressful mentally and physically, you have highly intelligent and gifted physically and know what everyone's responsibilities are on offence and know where everyone is on D. Every other position you just have to worry about what you are doing and the player in front of you.

Excuse me Drexl but i disagree. By far the most important position on the team is anyone playing the offensive line. Be it guard, tackle or centre. These guys block for the Qb, which gives him more time to make better passes. They make holes and blcok fro the running back, which gives them a better chance of gaining yards. QBs and RBs are nothing without the Offensive line.

As a general statement, I feel it is most important for a team
to have their best player in the position of quarterback
for many of the reasons Drexl gave.


So that I can respond to this topic in the spirit it was intended,
I answered a slightly different question for MS's benefit.

IMO-centre is the most important position, ie-TiCats record With and without Coulter.


a no brainer


This thread is sure to bring out airball arguments.

carl is that you?

The O-line. The backbone to any team. With a stellar O-line even I could run for 2,000 yards in a season.

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Dumb pole. Talk to 12 starting players and you won't get one answer. Moreover it is a fact that a poor player at any of those positions can and usually does lead to failure.