What is the Greatest Ticat game you have ever seen?

Sorry for starting a thread at this point in the season on this but i came across the Youtube of the 1989 Grey Cup that i had the honor of attending live. Watching this brought back awesome memories. How quickly Kerrigan got rid of the ball on every throw, Tony Champion with 2 TDs with broken ribs including the best clutch catch ever on third down with 44 seconds left that tied the game at 40-40.
Earl Winfield, Derrick McAdoo, Rocky, Ozzie all were awesome and on full display in this game.
Some familiar old faces on Sask too. Austin QB, Richie Hall and Glenn Suitor DBs. A real classic.

Not 100% sure of the circumstances but the Hamilton vs Montreal semi final a few years back where Kevin Glenn lit the Allwets up. A great back and forth game where Hamilton won.

2011 East semifinal in the big O. This was a great game, and Glenn's last great performance as a Ticat. He was traded along with a lineman and a conditional draft pick for Burris in the off-season after the Cats fizzled in the East final at Winnipeg. That Montreal game was also Bakari Grant's breakout game.

This was also the game were Dave Stala said the F-word on live TV (bleeped in the video below) as he dedicated his touchdown catch from Quinton Porter to cancer patient Jake Rayner:

And the eastern final saw Glenn get injured early in the second half and the Cats could not recover from this.

Sept 15 2007. Vs Bombers

Jojo Walker takes missed FG deep in endzone. Takes ball a foot over the goaline then runs back into endzone and stripped of ball for TD.

I think about it every day

2 of them come to mind:

  1. 1972 Grey Cup, starring Chuck Eally.
  2. don't remember the year, but it was when they had a 2-game series - most points wins. We played Toronto, and lost badly in game #1.
    Then in game #2, we had to score 30+ points ( I think ), and won. Believe Kerrigan was QB in that one, too.

The Eagle --- 8) 8) 8)

Consider what had to be Faloney's greatest moment (thought technically it didn't count). In the 1961 Eastern Final, a two-game total-points affair between Hamilton and Toronto, the Argos, led byTobin Rote, arrived for the second game at was then called Civic Stadium with a comfortable 25-7 lead.

The Tiger Cats roared back at home, eventually tying the series 27-27. But, with a little more than a minute left, the Argos intercepted a Faloney pass at Hamilton's 35-yard line. Toronto was blessed with one of the greatest punters to ever play the game, Dave Mann and so the ending seemed automatic. On the game's last play, Mann attempted to boot the ball through the end zone for the winning single. But he couldn't hit it far enough. Don Sutherin, the Hamilton kicker, fielded the ball behing the goal line and kicked it out. Mann caught that punt, and kicked it back in.

The ball landed in Faloney's hands and in one of the most memorable broken-field runs in football history, he scampered 120 yards for a touchdown. It was called back, in those days there was no blocking on punt returns allowed in the CFL and a whole bunch of them where thrown by his overzealous teammates. Nevertheless, right prevailed in the end, as the Ticats scored four touchdowns in overtime to advance to the Grey Cup.

I forget the game and the year eastern final when Ozzie won it for us ! Was it 89 ?!

Against the Allwets. I believe it was a 54 yard field goal through the east goal posts. The Allwets coach Dave Richie was on his hands and knees in disbelief.

That was 98 and I was at that game. Epic.....

There was a light dusting of snow in the air. I remember watching that kick as it seemed to hang in the air forever. Ozzy was the best clutch kicker that i have ever seen!

I was there and it was one for the ages...'72 GC, 'nuff said. :slight_smile:

If by "Greatest Ticat game" you mean greatest performance by a TiCat team or most satisfying victory as a TiCat fan I'd have a tough time choosing one from among four -- the '67 Grey Cup, the 2nd game of the '61 East Final which Teddy Fay posted about, the 2nd game of the '86 East Final which is the game Eagle was trying to put a year on in his post, and the '86 Grey Cup.

If you mean the most exciting (close) important game, in which a TiCat team was involved, I think I'd have to go with the '89 Grey Cup. Another great one, which also ended in a defeat, this one aided by a terrible call by an official, was the '83 East Final.

The most recent of my choices, as perhaps being the greatest TiCat game ever, is from almost 30 years ago and I don't think there's been one, in the years since, to challenge any of the ones I've mentioned.

Thinking further about my post, above, I attended each those games that stand out for me, with the exception of the '83 final loss in Toronto. I wish I'd thought to include an honourable mention for a loss, in the modern era, which I was at -- the 2015 East Final in Ottawa. That was a very exciting game, with the TiCat underdogs, led by their backup QB, and yet managing to have a shocking victory right in their grasp until Gascon-Nadon dropped the easy interception that would have sealed the win on the play immediately before the Burris to Ellingson connection that would certainly make that game the answer to a question like this posed to Ottawa team fans. It's CFL strange that the Ottawa heroes that day were both, then, recent TiCats and the goat of the game joined the RBs as a free agent, a few months later.

Sorry meant 98 ? !!!

It's goooood!!!!54 years!!!!

72 GC was special. BTW Dave Fleming was clearly out of bounds on the tying TD, which goes to show CFL refs have been bad a long time. There is a photo kicking around of the play somewhere. It may be the last time a call went our way. Also any number of Labour day games with Leo Cahill as Argos coach.

Tough call, I'd have to say the Eastern Final in 2013. After a gruelling season with Guelph weather, and a hellicious East Semi vs Montreal (where I hugged a complete stranger in joy and finally the other shoe dropped from the Als).

Apart from the fact it was a solid offensive game, the fact that the Ti-Cat fans went into Toronto and outnumbered the Argonaut fans 2-1 and returned to the Grey Cup after a long time was pretty awesome. I also got to see my favourite player, Marwan Hage lift the East Division trophy.

Just a shame it ended the way it did in Sask.

I'm with you. I'd add the 72 Grey Cup, because it was a really close game we won on the last play, and because I was there with my girlfriend (to whom I've been married for 42 years :)).

Teddy Fay is right, the 1961 East Final. Hands down. No way the Cats should have come back against Tobin Rote led Argos. But they did. When you list the Tiger-Cat greats, you list a lot of names from that team.